Promo Bubba cut on Hulk Hogan during TNA iMPACT!

March 5th, 2010 by

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  1. tarryl

    Nice promo. Bubba, did you dye your hair?

  2. Brandon

    Hogan all locked up. Nice work

  3. david

    LOL silly if u ask me BUT THE SHOW IS BETTER THAN EVER

  4. tracy

    just checking out your man girrdle

  5. Tizommy

    Bubba … you girdle wearing fat bastard… Terry should have got up and gave you a big boot in the face…

  6. pegson

    awesome. love bubba n hogan

  7. Bill

    Bubba – Man you look like you’re in great shape… In a non-homo non-Ned like way.

  8. Raven

    Girdle – NOT!!!! Bubba you look great! Wonderful job – good luck with the juice lol.

  9. chris

    Bubba locked the hulk right up… man just sucking it in..LMAO..good job Bubba

  10. cornbread

    hogan got to do wat hes got to do thats like telln bubba no dont do ur show cause ur throat hurts aint nutn gon stop u bubba ……………..u aint gon stop hootie either…..i hope this is a shoot not a work …dont b a snake oil salseman bubba looked pretty real

  11. adrian

    WOW !!! Awesome !!!

  12. Andrew

    damn nice wrk bubba and also i think you dyed your hair!!!!! NED DRAG ONS!!! F JASON ELLIS

  13. Matt

    Wow Hogan in TNA they really have gone OLD school there. Key word “OLD”.

  14. Jesse

    That was sweet Bubba. I havn’t watched that crap for years but I might start again.

  15. Blu

    looks like a sorry remake of the Wrestler.
    Bubba looks like a fat little sausage with some black hair dye.

  16. LF

    TNA needs to teach the rest of the orginization how to cut a spot like this.

  17. ED

    Nice job Bubba, that’s the best spot i’ve seen in years…it was so real

  18. jim p

    Nice job Bubba thought hogan was going to cry lmao! And by the way Jason Ellis is a fudge packing homo!!!!!

  19. mark

    looking good bubba

  20. tim conant

    all u haters need to shut the phuck up, great job bubba the man

  21. Jason

    stiff! Hogan didnt want to hear that… you can see it in his face. He needed to hear that, shoot style.

  22. John

    Haha, fatty in a girdle with jet black hair, and bubba thinks this was good?

  23. Brian

    Definitely died his hair…

  24. don

    we love you becouse your not in a wheelchair? dont be a cripple? wow, you sensetive bastard!

  25. Foster from hell

    Ha, First off props to Bubba, he is the true 1% of radio and Hogan he does make alot of sense why take the chance, I know your ready and would love to wrestle Rick Flair but you have alot more to lose then Flair does. I remember at st. pete when Brook just got started and right before she came out to perform you went down every port-a-potty and banged on the the door and said hogans got a take a leak and just walked in the last one that is one of the reasons i think you are so cool, you have been that way in and out of the ring. Another time i took my daughters to meet with you at golds gym and you were so nice to my daughters and when i asked where is macho man you told me in the alley drinking vodca that just made my day. Hogan what you gone a do when Bubba and his army comes down on you! But listen you make sense and so does Bubby!

  26. bonehead

    terry should have slapped you and put you in the boston crab

  27. Foster from hell

    Bubba that is 1%er

  28. Foster from hell

    Bubba after reading what I wrote not everone are bikers and might not get this, so I will put this so all will know you Bubba the love sponge and Hulk Hogan are the best as far as I am concerned

  29. Paulie

    Ain’t been into wrestlin’ for a long time… but with Bubba and Hogan, I think I’m gonna be hooked again… now, let’s get Bubba in the ring… maybe him and the female MWA chick from today against one of the male MWA guys and Awesome Kongo… :D

  30. nick

    nice work bubbba i couldnt tell if you were serious or acting

  31. scott

    “We love you cause you can walk.” “Dont be a cripple.” You crippled son of a bitch, we dont love you anymore!

  32. KG...shooter

    Look at Bubba worken Terry into a Shoot! Learn how to work Kid!

  33. SkinnyKid

    Damn Bubba! Nice promo! Keep up the weight loss, you’re looking good kid!

  34. Tony

    Damn, great work.. I love the shoot.. Terry even got choked up a little, brought a tear to my eye brothers..

  35. Ken

    Nice, promo kid! Locked Hogan right up. F! Jason Ellis! NED DRA-GONS!

  36. Bell

    Cornbread your an idiot! Hogan not wrestling is not the same as bubba not doin his show! Hogan is not in the shape for wrestling and bubba is good for another 15 yrs easy (hopefully)! All the back surgeries over the years will come back and bite hogan in the arse if he wrestles like he used too and hogan is not the type to not give less then 100%! I would love to see the guy wrestle again and its awesome he’s on TNA workin. Weather its a work or a shoot what bubba said is true and of course the rip on hogan was for the audiance. Bubba has been promoting his bit for TNA on his show all week! What, do you think you’re witty calling him an snake oil salesman! Really you made yourself look like an idiot as I side before! That goes for you too Blu! You have sausage on the mind i see!!! And who gives a shiz with a z if he does use hair dye?! really are you 2 that idiotic! Yes i am a mark for bubba and his crew and for hogan as well. Go ahead and say what ever you 2 want back at me. I could care less. I would be more insulted by a 5 yr old giving me the finger. I think you 2 need to get together under the joshua tree have a circle jerk!

  37. Cortez

    Way to tank the Neilsons last night, Todd. I thought you said your return to Impact would pop a big rating for the show, not sink it down to it’s lowest point in 2010.

  38. Steve Rice

    awesome words Bubba. to all you haters F. U. Bubba is THE MAN

  39. krofte

    nice promo. a little hype for tv, but a lot of truth. ya gotta listen hootie!

  40. Dick Bukaki

    that was hot, i just blizzzew a hizzzzuge lizzzzoad.

  41. slocumer25

    Watching that, I thought you were going to end it with a big fat kiss or something. Bad acting. Mark

  42. C.A.

    This is exactly what the show needs ! ( and more of it ) You can tell this wasn’t ACTED out and per scripted and it comes across MUCH better ! TNA needs MORE of it.

  43. Ramon

    Great Promo Bubba! If this was bizzaro world.

  44. Jaise

    I could have swore he said something like that on his show.

  45. Pinellas Restaurants

    Wow, what a show of tuff love Bubba, I thought bubba was going to rub hulks back and sweet talk him out of it, but he showed tuff love and almost made the hulkster cry… Nice promo keep it up, where was Kong I could see a chair being thrown smackdown style at bubba and the hulk taken king kong down for the count.. 1.. 2.. 3.. your out ape lady…

  46. Alan

    Bubba U Water Head! You still look like a Down Syndrome Baby, Little close set Eyes,and sloping fore head! and wearing a Gridle! You Man Pussy! And talk about Sucking in the Gut! U look like your ready to Puke!! lol U are a trip!
    Suck it in Bubba! You are not A tv Person! stick to radio fat ASS Down Syndrome Boy

  47. chuchi

    bubba u rock but do not wear a white shirt any time soon cause if it happens to rain brother its going run all over your shirt buddy rock on fat boy

  48. Charlie Trucker 69'

    Again, Charlie Trucker 69′ say’s ” MARK APPROVED!” APPLE PIE MOONSHINE, bring it back!

  49. drumminjoe

    Readneck WILLIE! Love it

  50. Jeremy

    nice soy sauce hair job, dick

  51. koboss

    bubba how much duck tape did you wrap around that cheese burger gut of yours to keep it sucked in geez your legs look like they are going to buckle.. and enough with the hand signs hogan aint def.

    stick to radio kid it needs more work if your going to stay on the air..TNA and your days are numbered anyway.

  52. FryDaddy(Zweigles)

    Nice Work. I love watching you on TNA. Hope to be in the studio soon cooking up some Zweigles.
    Take Care

  53. Lou

    NED needs a shot on TNA! He should be a Hogan mark in the crowd!!!

  54. wrestlings fake

    bubba sucks stern limp noodle for breakfast….suck it hard ya one market hack…all of florida should just be leveled and made into a parking lot

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