Ned “Dead Baby” Song

June 15th, 2010 by Staff

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  1. Jon-Michael

    I like this! You all keep it up and **** all the haters!!!!!!!!

  2. Eric

    Funny, but not NEARLY as good as the Bubba GPS cartoon.

  3. Don

    LIKE THE SONG, BUT WE NEED TO KILL THAT ******* THE SAME WAY HE DID THAT KID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. shane francis

    brillant Ned you rock . Need more of this great stuff. Sheri fr; edmonton ab

  5. shane francis

    Hamill keep up the good work. have a good one Shane

  6. Dale

    I made this video. Is it being represented as a “Hamill work”? or did he just post it here? Anyway, cool to see it here, as I am a daily listener in South Florida, (I am rugged and white as well.)

  7. Laura

    It is so offensive, but yet so f*** brillant! I love BTLS!!

  8. Mark

    Power Pig Hello Im Burning!!! and in conclusion … Bubba Army!! Bubba Army!!

  9. Gys Seacord

    You Guys all are the greatest. hope sirius/XM, you blow everyone eles out of the water

  10. angry E

    love u sic *****,keep up the good work.i hope u guys can get more money to stay at sirus exclusivily. 4 hrs. live isnt enough 4 me. bubbas the ****, spice is a douche!!!!cocky ****!!!love the pot heads as well, all 3

  11. eastwood

    thats that manson fire right there thats one of the classics.i cant remember if he did one about that preacher melvin somthin who used to blow his son and have his son bang him after doin yardwork back in like 04 that would be cool

  12. eastwood

    that meat curtain jam ned did back in the day was the shiz too i forgot how it went it was about trimmin em it was hilarious

  13. jimbo

    Ned is pure talent

  14. ha4dcore

    this is a Garry’s mod , right? this isn’t that same guy that does the gps cartoon? I didn’t know Bubba wanted to see some Garry’s mod work. Good idea though, it’s cool to see TF2 and HL2 with BTLS, Too bad Bubba has no idea what all this is. anyway, good work dale.

  15. chuck z

    yo guy`s! i listen to you`se on sirius since 2006. get the am weekey show too. whatta friggin pisser you`se are. i hope to keep listening to you`se on sirius. but whatever happens. i`ll keep lintening. thank`s for the laughs. you`se all are great…..

  16. Joel logano

    Love the song. Keep up the good work Ned you hot old man. Love juan montoya

  17. Zweebster

    Probably the best parody NED has ever done, but this video REALLY sucks ass.

  18. cueball

    awesome job guys.Love the whole crew

  19. Josh

    that’s awesome, just goes to show what you can do the Half-life 2 engine,and Garry’s mod, great game and a great video

  20. Dale

    I made this video because I thought the parody was so damn funny, and it needed to be visualized. (I make it rain dead babies in the club…C’mon) Thanks for the positive comments, and if you hate it, that’s cool, too.
    I make Garry’s mod videos every once in a while because I’m a film head and it’s a great toy for making videos., but not so much since I moved in with my woman. ;)
    Click my name to see more, and rag on them as well.

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