Kung Fu Hillbilly – Training Video

September 1st, 2010 by Staff

Diemon Daves Ninja School is in session. Watch this clip and learn some of Diemon Daves kung fu secrets. Don’t try this at home.

16 Responses

  1. Tiffany

    Der Der..OMG, Luv..It!!!!!!! Challenger All DAY!

  2. Stephanie

    sigh…the whole IQ of the redneck/hillbilly species has just fallen about…nevermind. I think I will just pretend to be another race…

  3. Richard from Lakeland

    This is the funniest shizzz yet. This is actually a disgrace to us white people but hey it’s worth it because this had the wife and i rolling on the floor. “Careful because if your judo choppin and kung fuuing then you could take your leg off” I wonder which trailer park this is?

  4. ian

    ok did this guy just say “judy chop” and “ninjy” ? does he still do push ups in front of girls at the trailer park to impress them.

  5. Tom

    well deserving of the championship, thats f-ing hilarious

  6. david from port st. lucie

    what is this guy doing up in my trailor hood with my sister wearing my shower curtain for a cape. wtf

  7. Ryan

    I think this is a work

  8. Randyman

    Damn I am a sucker…. I lend the guy 20 bucks for food and the mofo goes out and buys a jump rope,a cape and some long johns……shiiiit

  9. Ken

    I want to smack the **** out of him!

  10. brian

    oh my god where do you get this sh@@#$ this is great judy chop ninjy and the backy can ninjy star lol lol lol

  11. Dougsta

    WTF is up with the cape?

  12. Bareback Avenger

    Regular can of baccer you say? No says I…. lmao Im ashamed to be white these days because of morons like this, but this is a funny ass video.

  13. Craig Vess

    I wanna kungfuin ninjy him in your wrestling ring. Maybe when I’m done with him he will talk in proper speech. It can be a MMA style event.

  14. Mike D.

    Looks like he’s been hittin the pill mills!!!

  15. todd

    seen this guy on jerry springer,this guy for real

  16. Tim

    This is a work, no doubt.

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