Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

April 15th, 2010 by

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  1. shawn sendio

    Redneck’s are wicked funny!!

  2. Raspo

    I was laughing my ass off in the car when Spice was talking about it, but now that I’ve seen the video…oh my God – this is too funny man. Great fu*king find!!!!

  3. shawn sendio

    At least he’s an honest Redneck….lol

  4. David

    This should be the top der der of all time! This has got to be e funniest video I have ever seen!

  5. Kenneth Ray Allen II

    That is the funniest shizz I’ve ever heard!!!! I can’t believe this is up for debate. This one takes the title by far. When he says he has bit hit the face you can’t help to say to yourself wtf. The other derder one is f’d up two but this one is just unbelievable. BTW the chick is hot even though shes WT.

  6. S-t-a-n-t-o-n

    Funny Sh*t. ha ha… wait i got to watch it again…

  7. Brian


  8. canabeans

    Better than most Superbowl commercials,incredible find.

  9. chaz

    The seller was steamy until I saw that cancer stick!

  10. Jake

    My wifes boyfriend? Why mention the whole wrench thing? And if thats not funny enough, his name is Robert Lee. The contest is over, That is too funny. Vote for this video, or don’t, I don’t care.

  11. Josh

    “BTW the chick is hot even though shes WT.”
    Kenneth Ray Allen II
    Tell us about white trash, Kenneth Ray Allen II.
    Is there a 3rd?

  12. Jim

    LOL, not only was it great radio, but its a great addition to the site, good find Spice! definitely gets my vote for top DerDer!

  13. JOE


  14. Clint

    I was driving to work when i heard this on btls. when i got to work i youtubed it. and everyone at the store was dieing laughing. only in the sticks of Bama can you get this degree of der der. thats awesome!!!

  15. Doublewide jones

    Spice – this is solid. I sell mfg homes… Mr. Lee rules, his commercial rules, and his salesgirl can be the queen of my doublewide anyday!

  16. philip c

    hate to say it, but i live 50 miles from these der ders..forgot all about that commercial..yee haw..

  17. chuck FTE

    the best is the close up cut of the WT chick smokin a cig. DER DER classic

  18. David

    I understand now, this company in northern Alabama.

  19. drama

    funniest shit ever and i get to see the jaguars fail up close

  20. Mike D.


  21. charlie

    love that whip sound….this man needs to be the gov for mississippi…come to our state or not…i dont care…lol….p.s. love the run away girl selling mobile homes!!!

  22. david

    i like to have that girl phone number who sells them maybe she can make me a deal

  23. brian

    love the stains they cover em up lol

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