Bubba’s TNA Impact Clips

January 29th, 2010 by
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open source video, online video platform, video streaming, video solutions

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  1. Russell

    bubba can’t read a script for shit. He really needs to work on his acting

  2. bobby

    hey Russell, you jack ass! let’s see you get your ass on tna and do a better job. Oh Ya! that’s right no one is calling dip shits to come to tna. guess your out of luck.

  3. Derek

    Give Bubba a break asshole he’s not an actor…whata Douchebag u are Russel ya homo!!

  4. Frank

    Russel, your doing What??? Oh yea, Jack shit!! Maybe Bubba can’t act, as you state, but watch TNA grow leaps and bounds now that he is affiliated with it. Not that I’m a mark, but it will just be one more thing that turns to solid gold! So be a hater all you want cause you are watching history being made in the TNA. Bubba’s the man! Say it Bitch!

  5. Kevin

    i agree with russel….verry shitty promo…learn how to work it kid!

  6. lu

    wrestling is for dipshits what are talking about. It’s full of a bunch of sweaty men rolling around in their underwear acting like they got heat with one another …fing h. It’s softcore man on man porn your one step away from cornholing ned if you watch that horseshit. Assclowns

  7. Fred from Vedder

    Leave Bubba alone he could kick your ass Russell.


    That is why, wrestling and all aspects should be left to the professionals. “Mark Talk”, such as what Bubba currently does, is what he should stick to. NEVER, EVER should the public be scorn by having to look at that ugly ass Bubba fat face on a professional wrestling program.

  9. jojothecircusclown

    That’s right NOTAMARK….Bubba definatley has a face made for radio.

  10. koboss

    Hey Bubba Suck that gut in a little harder your having trouble talkin you got it sucked in so much!!!

    where grey next time to show of those sweaty pits and that double cheesburger gut of yours..HA HA

    good thing you turned sideways going through that doorway fatass

  11. road

    sounds to me like a bunch jeleouse bitches wish they could be on tv .dam they only had company 2 months relax and enjoy the show that’s what its there for anyways. dam peeps too serious about shit these days wonder why shit so messed up good job bubba

  12. Bustinloose

    Yeah…..His acting sucks “BIG TIME!”He should stick to podcasting!LMAO

  13. me

    Why should Bubba take acting? None of the other wrestlers do. Haven’t you ever watched a wrestling show before?

  14. Jeff

    So if you all hate bubba so much, why are you here to complain in the first place? Obviously something intrigued you enough to come to his website… just curious

  15. jennifer

    i think bubba did an awsome job!!! go bubba

  16. Dick Hurts

    Bubba is great on radio and a cheap rip off of wrestling business for his own “carny/Bubba” lingo he has not invented shit just exposed a opening business up to his listeners while nothing wrong with it he needs to stop bashing wrestling and realise with out the inner workings of wrestling he is a average DJ spinning records!
    Like it or not thats a fact he has taking work, shoot, marks etc all from backstage of EVERY wrestling promotion in the world.

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