The Romney Badger

June 18th, 2012 by Staff

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  1. wes reeves

    love it ! keep up the good work

  2. travis

    yuo forgot to mention, he fired dead wieght so the rest of the middle class works could keep there jobs.. good romney badger thanks for saving 12 fortune 500 compains from chapter 11. and the olmipics .. damb right romney badger dont give a fu@% !!!! where is my commission BubbaArmy sence powerpig!

  3. Tim

    Hey travis you need to repeat third grade and lear spelling
    wieght is spelled weight
    damb is damned
    sence is since
    and so on you idiot

  4. Yank

    lmao too funny. glad someone is exposing that corperate raider. obama kinda sux but if we let that d@ks%k (romney) in office it will be like having bush in there another four years. oh and trav-ass i bet ud suk romneys testicles right out through his penis. you would vote for somebody who thinks smith lives on different planet called karo. like the syrup? do America a favor dont vote!!!

  5. Clea Torres

    Romney is such a jerk. Doesn’t be know that the purpose of a business is to provide jobs and pay taxes to the government? He’s another one of these RICH, WHITE, GREEDY people who think the purpose of a business is to make MONEY! Can you believe that? Romney refuses to give workers SOCIAL JUSTICE by keeping businesses open until they’ve bled the owners dry of all capital. Do you think Bubba would fire his employees if he lost all his stations? Of course not! He would keep every single one of them on the payroll, even if there was no show to broadcast, until he was pennyless. Because that’s what we demand all corporations and individuals do, or they’re evil! If you
    give a man a job, you become responsible for him forever!

  6. Jake

    mitt romney,
    notorious liar. a man who’s holding numerous bank accounts in foreign countries in order to avoid paying taxes. AND BECAUSE HE DON’T BELIEVE IN AMERICA !!! his money is safer outside the US. greed and personal growth are his only goal. this man cannot be trusted !!!!!

  7. Wing

    I that regular people will vote and show this a-hole they are smart enough to read into this phoney prick Romney.

    Check out Bain Investments and GST Steel to find out how he screwed workers out of their severance and pension.

    As a result of Romney and Bain, the government had to bail the company out to the tune of $44 million.

    After 10 years Romney made a clean $9 million at the expense of taxpayers.

  8. Matt

    This was the dumbest thing I have ever seen I feel dumber just for watching it. Is that all you have on Romney is personal attacks. You guys are making fun of him for being rich why not make fun of someone for having such a large penis.

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