The Revita Labs 10

February 16th, 2010 by

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8 Responses

  1. Dick Bukaki

    der der der bukaki der der boobity

  2. dj

    one more lap and ned would have won the whole thing

  3. dj

    ned will roon all you lightfooters the next race

  4. trucker tim

    trace is more man at his age then all u jobbers

  5. Roberto

    What did Bubba The Love Sponge/Racer do to handicap himself: remove a few plug wires?…Drive with one hand incapacitated?….Crimp the exhaust pipe?….?…. Bubba races every week, in a race that Bubba organized. If he did not severely handicap himself Bubba is a buffoon. The guy that runs regularly especially on dirt has an blatent advantage.

  6. chris

    Hey roberto, bubba wasnt racing- you jabroni

  7. Ned Mark

    ned is the man………..OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh god……..

  8. cumsirlot

    Ned is the man. Did you guys see Juicy Fruit in there jerking him off around 3 & 4?

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