August 11th, 2010 by Staff

There was a mystery at the studios, find out what happened with the Great BRN Poop Caper!
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  1. Russell

    I was a member of Bubba raw for a long time, four months ago I quit Bubba raw because of short clips and no new content, today I went to Bubba raw and still no content. I would be a member now, butit is not worth twelve dollars a month for about five minutes of content.Look at Bubba raw three years ago it was great, at that time we got new content ever week or more.Thank you Russ

  2. Adam

    I agree 100%. I did the same about 8 months ago.

  3. Bill

    Who gives a rats ass about a sex change overhaul and the disgusting details of the operation? And you wonder about your ratings? DUH!

  4. Tim

    I agree with the first two. When Bubba first launced the Bubba Raw site, it was awesome. I stopped being a member more than 8 months ago, for the same reasons already mentioned. Also, it was so hard to navigate around the page, I would just quit looking.

  5. pat

    Bubba’s show is terrible! And Brent is cry baby. The only way to make it better is, fire Bubba and brent. Then let Manson host and Spice could be the sidekick. Even then Spice would have to get over himself.

  6. Debbie

    Bubba’s the best. All you guys talking negative about BTLS are pussies. Stop your complaining.

  7. doug

    Been a Howard fan since WNBC. Never thought I would listen to anyone else until I heard the Bubba show. It has it’s ups & downs but overall I would definitely recommend the show. Less auto racing & wrestling BS & more comedy. Fire Spice he is boring & brings down the show. More Brent.

  8. doug

    Ned RULES! !

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