August 11th, 2010 by Staff

The BRN is always finding ways to bring people together. What better combination than a blind man, a stunt guy, and permanent ink? Augie comes to the studio to have a Bubba Army piece tattooed on freehand by Blind Lawrence. Special thanks to Tom and Mean Machines Tattoo Company.
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  1. erik hansen

    i think your show is what people need to hear. and those that complian about it can just shut it off but they are the ones who are listing all the time and are signed yp for bubba raw. they cant get enough of you and they cant be you so they talk ****. down here in cape coral all i hear on the job sites that i go toon my second job all have your show on. i think its comedic, hash at times, and down right cool. but all need to be their for all of you to be who you guys are. and screw all that oppose. i am a loyal listener and will always be no matter were you guys go or were i wined up. from my first job. sorry to ramble on like this but some of the people who talk **** i just want to kick their ass. thank you for your time to read this and may you prosper in all that you do..

    sincerly yours
    erik hansen from cape coral

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