Strawberry Festival 2010 Camaro LS Raffle

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  1. Bart Perry

    Bubba and staff : I have been listening since you came to Sirius. I love the show but I think you are going down the wrong path. Bubba being on TNA is great but after hearing the latest talk with Hogan on air has shown that you are making the show wrestling like. Playing like hogan and bubbas friendship is strained die to TNA is so dumb and obvious that this is a set up for fake suspense for the radio show and a storyline for TNA. Bubbas dream to be a wrestler Is so obvious and it’s getting in the way of show. The discomfort of listening to spice and manson not knowing what to say is obvious. I believe they aren’t happy with the directions the show is going in and it’s obvious. Bubba listen to them cause you are losing respect from your audience at a fast rate. Leave wrestling in the arenas and don’t mess up your show. I am saying this because I truly enjoy your show but I felt nauseous listening to the conversation with bubba and hogan and the comment about hogan being jealous of Nash and how Nash could stretch hogan in real life

  2. thadeuse

    Boohya bitches. holla from ct. love byou basterds. you r the best. keep the shit flowing? your the best.

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