Petraeus Parody

November 15th, 2012 by Staff

10 Responses

  1. Luc

    EFF’N GREAT…..NED is the MAN……

  2. don

    that’s some funny shit!
    great turn-around time,
    from Manson’s conception
    & execution of the song
    to the video.
    fucking awesome!
    thanks you

  3. Jase

    Ned’s the best F in hilarious You guys are the best

  4. Rocca

    Best parody EVER!!!!!!!!

  5. Brent Bartholomew RN

    Great parody and great video but I have one question, where did you guys come up with the chip and dale dancers? Lmfao

  6. John

    Great job as always Ned!!! Miss hearing the crew on sirius.

  7. Jay

    Fantastic bit guys!!! I know there is more then one person involved in making such a entertaining piece. Thank you for making my day a little better!

  8. Debbie M

    video well done, its such a shame that he had an affair, and the goverment used that againist him to make him resign he was a great general at 101st airborne!!!

  9. STEVE B

    now we now where the book got its title “ALL IN”

  10. Justin B

    NED rocks I want to here the Tebow song again, and the one Bubba and the tranny. LOL SMOKE A BLUNT NED. Vote legalize unitedforchange dot org and fill out petition the only problem it will cause is the old people will drive even slower or it might help there eyes. We will see. Love You bubba no homo

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