Occupy Tampa

October 11th, 2011 by Staff

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  1. tinkerfl

    Why would they ralley on wallstreet when the problem is in Washington.What is keeping anyone in this country{U.S}from becoming a millionaire?Answer,drive,motivation,choice.Its real easy to sit on our ass a blame someone else for what we dont have! Its all about choice. you have a choice not to go to collage.A choice to buy a house that you know you could not afford if you lost your job!A choice not to put every spare dime away so you have somthing when your old an cant work an have to read the book 100 ways to cook alpo.The choice is ours an ours alone!get up off your lazy ass america!!! ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!{J.F.K}

  2. radok86

    I’m happy to see you guys took an active role in the event.

    tinkerfl, your entire post was a painful display of ignorance. Oversimplifying is probably a nice coping mechanism though. I mean, clearly YOU could never end up like them because YOU aren’t lazy. Also, they should have just saved money like you by not going to “collage”.

  3. Dyslexic

    Good for you guys, going out and showing support.

  4. Jp

    tinkerfl is not wrong to an extent. People should get up and stop being lazy, but a team consists of two parts, and all we ask is that the top 1% stop running this country inefficient and unethically. Both sides need to do their part and it’s not happening. So it’s nice to see people who care about something besides sitting in front of the tv.

  5. bubba

    What a bunch of goof balls,no wonder your hooker wife dumped your dumb ass.

  6. scott

    you know the whole economy problem is from deregulation.enron figured how to fix the market now the same people are sticking us on gas.i mean oil. What can we do.they r protected by all.

  7. bubba

    Scott is a moron,you must be listening to Bubba’s show to be that miss informed.You fly away with your green facade technologies that don’t work. DRILL BABY DRILL.

  8. Grizzly

    Writing a slogan on a sign changes nothing. Most of those people there are joining an event to have fun but I bet very few would have any idea of how or what they would change. Sadly, they’re just as much useful idiots for the politics of the event organizers as the old creakys that blindly send money to Pat Robertson.
    “Power to the People” already exists. It lives in a document called the Constitution. The problem is that half of the population has been brainwashed and don’t want to give up the gimme’s so they won’t vote in the people who want to follow the Constitution and give people back their lives. Instead, they’re taught to hate rich people.
    Careful what you wish for, children.

  9. OilRunsOuts

    Hey bubba, I have terrible news for you.

    If America could instantly tap every single known or theorized reservoir in North America, including proven, provable, accessible and inaccessible deposits, the United States would have enough oil to survive without foreign exports…

    …for three years.

  10. joseph

    hay oilrunsout! you are a moron. three years? look just dont bother breeding let the stupidity end with you. the lowest estimate that the scientists in this country could reach is 300 years! with oil fields easy to get to and extract the oil. you are a little off in your math. that was a low estimate without taking into acount finding more fields in that time, and the ability to extract oli from other fields with newer tech. the outlook for oil being drilled in the U.S. is very good and prosperous if the politions would get out of the way!

  11. Steve

    Good for you Bubba. OCCUPY!!!

  12. Razor

    Bubba your right to at least expore what Occupy is about. Unfortunately a lot of your listeners don’t want to objectively validate what they’re receiving from the Corporate Media like FOX and CNN key word is “Corporate” they are not there to objectively provide the news, but to protect their corporate assets. This is a two-tier battle involving government corruption, which enables the banks and corporations to do the voodoo they do so well. This is Political and Corporate Racketeering at it finest. Like any Financial Fraud you have to FOLLOW THE MONEY. The “FED” (Bank Cartel) by 1998 had the US Gov. De-Regulate bankers and corporations. The FED (Not the Government) took complete regulatory control over ALL mortgage corporations and banks in 1998, they were warned in 2001 and 2004 by their own Regulators that Lehman Bros. was selling bogus Bundled Securities along with Goldman Sachs and this was going to cause catastrophic bubble in the housing market. This is a bait and switch by Banks and Corporations through the corp. media have manipulated people into blaming the government (totally) who are the drivers to the get-a-way car and ignoring the actual perpetrators of this Fraud of the Century. Both are equally involved. End of Story.

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