Ned’s 12″ Meaty Mandingo commercial

January 22nd, 2010 by

It’s a Bubba the Love Sponge® Exclusive: Ned’s 12″ Meaty Mandingo with a side of man sauce commercial!

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19 Responses

  1. Kevin

    faggin it up, what a shocker from the closet homo……..

  2. Sam

    when are you going to stop the Manson Ned game?

  3. whatwhat?

    you go ned…pervert!!

  4. Ned Mark

    Ned is the man………….Ned Out….oooohhhhh god…….

  5. Eric

    you guys rock. keep it up bubba and the rest!

  6. jimmy

    manson is ned, ned isnt real

  7. Rick

    ned ned ned you crazy mother are the MAN

  8. Jamey

    Ned-could u please do more prank calls !!!!! Please,please. They are the best sh*t ever thanks. Jamey from Minnesota freezeing my sack off -

  9. Jason

    What’s up Ned, you get on TV and can’t say anything during your commercial. All the more reason to believe Ned doesn’t exsist. Give up the rouse. Sandwich looks good tough.

  10. justin kilborn

    ned eat my shit pipe

  11. david

    ned is real he was in my bed last night with his 12,inch meat

  12. Derek

    Jimmy is a Homo!! Ned Rules

  13. Buck

    I am sick of this jimmy with a little j. Bubba if you read this then that means you really wade through this shit pond full of no life livin faggots. I am sure you are surprised that I use proper grammer and all my words are spelled correctly. Neds the man, bring Lasker back. Though I have only heard him on tape, and if jimmy does’nt think Neds real then that makes jimmy the true 60 minutes Mike Wallace, Sherlock Holmes, Geraldo Rivera of our times. I bet little jimmy could find Amelia Earhardt, Jimmy Hoffa, Big Foot, and the third shooter on the grassy knoll. Bubba and crew thank you for my entertainment. If you could use a case of Washington wine down there let me know and it will be on it’s way. Enjoy the day…Buck

  14. does'nt

    simply “does’nt”, tells it all in the above post.
    quote “I am sure you are surprised that I use proper grammer and all my words are spelled correctly.”
    google it jackass't

  15. CableDawg66

    What makes the differance if Ned is real or not? If he is not then what a good rib. Plus look what it brings to the show. Can you think of the show with out Ned? It dosen’t matter Bubba if Ned is real or fake, just keep putting out the great show that you do.

  16. jerry the carpet guy

    I went 10 years without gettin to hear bubba and the crew. I can’t for the life of me understand WHY you people would complain about ANYTHING the show does. You’re obviously too fn stingy and stupid to realize that you could not have the gift these people give you every day. I moved away and within a week I knew I lost my dearest friends. Thank you forscorin the gig with howard. I found a channel to my happy side again. Tater

  17. Weedo

    I met Ned in a dive bar in western Pensacola, he offered me ciggarettes for a ride home, i told him no, he grabbed a beer bottle and railed it against the guy on the other side of him. ned stood up and yelled “You see what happens Mother Fer!, took the broken end of the bottle and stabbed me in the shoulder. took my keys and ran my van into a big ass dumpster.

  18. LisaLisa

    Buck is so damn proud of his spelling and grammar. Personally, I wouldn’t brag until you learn where the apostrophes go in contracted words. Or, for that matter, the definition of run on or disjointed sentences. You sound like a pompous idiot. Everyone has spell-check, you’re not the king of the English language. You need to stop criticizing others when you are so far from perfect. Dummy!

  19. john folk

    havent got my clemulus package yet,,,,its been a week how long does it take.gotta hear neds crazy antics

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