Lasker Chases a Guy on A Moped

December 7th, 2011 by Staff

6 Responses

  1. the gooch

    laskers looking a bit thick these days. almost didnt know which one was bubba.

  2. djstarfish

    Is lasker Prego?

  3. Sam roderiguez

    Gene loser is a has been who is an embarrassment. I think that he fits right in with Todd Clem.

  4. Sam Rodriquez

    Laser is a has been who never was. He is a good fit with bubba.

  5. kingherodthegreat1

    i miss you guys on sirius. hope too hear you soon. bubba army!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bob Williamson

    Looks like Mr Rodriquez has something against the show. Me; I know Lasker not laser dumas, is funny as hell all the time, and Bubba ten times more. Funny shiz boys, miss the day lights out of you on Sirius. Peace.

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