Gasparilla 2010: Girl Flashes on Live TV

February 1st, 2010 by

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  1. J_Phred

    I’ve seen worse… or better depending upon your point of view!

  2. erik

    they look nice…..

  3. canabeans

    They should be fined cause they were kinda nasty tits..but it is a shame that you guys cant say tits but they can show them.

  4. Devon

    Sorry Ned that was a chick for sure.

  5. rick allen

    At least she had a nice perky pair

  6. Carey

    No big deal! America is soooo pussy whipped. In Europe this would be considered mild.

  7. Ogrenutz


  8. pat

    i think it’s a guy with a Diaco job

  9. heather spieth

    it was not only once that she flashed the camera it was twice! now you can not tell me that the camera man did not see her do it the first time cause he zooms in on her right after it and lets her do it again! how dumb cna you be when you know you are on live tv and can get fired for it!

  10. Gary Nedmark

    let it ride!Ned is the man!

  11. Bobby

    There’s 15 seconds of my life that I won’t be getting back.

  12. The LA Nigga


  13. Stud

    Good ones

  14. Pig

    I would hit that

  15. Randy

    what the hell,with all the serious problems facing us in everyday life,this is considered bad,give me a break

  16. JOJO

    nice tits

  17. JOJO

    nice tits but who cares someone will be in trouble

  18. drifter

    Look when the video first starts…..she actually shows them twice…..ya gotta be quick at the beginning….she is covering her left breast as it starts!

  19. jeff

    Look right at the beginning….as soon as the video starts she is covering her left breast….so she actually does it at least twice!

  20. keith

    They should get fired what is good for the goose is good for the gander right carma it’s a bitch fire there ass

  21. Alec

    Woopie effing do!! She doesn’t even a nice rack.

  22. Mardi Gras

    Why is the public worried about this? Really! Nat Geo has tits on it all the time!! Why aren’t resources going to stop real crimes? Being from New Orleans, Mardi Gras was a part of growing up, and never hurt anyone!

  23. Rich

    Why are people worried about this?? as if this will make anyone want to go on a crime spree..

  24. crappypappy

    i hope those beads don’t cost too much.

  25. Big anonymous

    Typical Tampa Trash…. Drunk White Trash….Flash some boobs for beads… She looked like a tranny….

  26. Steinpin

    Hey i thought they were nice natural tits, and at least it takes the attention off her face and crappy hair!

  27. Doughboy FTE

    Those were nice TITS, HOWEVER, I find it quite apalling that the local channel there is likely to get away with that yet your show can’t even SAY tits! What a sick country we have become of whining, sniveling PUSSIES!!!!

  28. Indiana Jay

    They are some nice natural tits, and they at least take the attention off her face and crappy hair!

  29. Pete

    Thats one fugly chick!!!

  30. cory

    PLEASE… that it? If your gonna show, let m grow!

  31. saintsfan

    There so small I had to watch the video twice…

  32. CDNbadassFTE

    Heh, that wouldnt even cause a stir up here in the Great White North.. Its legal for women to be topless in public, its no big deal! A pair of small fun bags, woo flippin’ hoo!

  33. Shaun

    i dont know what was worse
    her face or tits lol !

  34. Tom

    Not only did they show it the zoomed in is actually a replay of it!

  35. cupcake

    The pussifacation of America goes on.

  36. Buffalo D

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as “ugly” tits. Any exposed set of cans are good cans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jroc

    You dumb asses its not the point of that it happened on live TV, its the point that bubba got fired for the hog bullshit and nothing getting done about this when there should be all kinds of precautions that are taking to prevent it.

  38. Larry Ciullo

    Don’t know what the big deal is, they’re the second thing we see when we come out of the hole!!!

  39. Scott

    Yep it’s a zoomed in, cleaned up, intentional replay not two separate flashes.

  40. War Daddy

    Right on I’d rub one out to her.

  41. Dick Bukaki

    oh my god, i’m fingering MY C…

  42. shroomin

    thats nothing.. but im wondering why they would show it from one angle and then show it from another angle with a close up,hmmmm fcc get involved it needs to be looked at closer, it not like they were “killing” a hog, time to have a fine, and show they arent bias, oh wait thats only to shock jocks ( howard and bubba) sorry never mind fcc its nothing to worry about…. even though there might have been kids in the room when that was on tv

  43. Emma

    Ew I know this girl! She is disgusting! Her name is Lexxi and this just proves what everyone already thinks about her!

  44. jackyl

    wow that was nasty;;eeeeewwwwwwww

  45. Amanda

    Nothing but a slut!

  46. michelle

    Her mom must be so proud. I’m glad I raised my daughter better.

  47. Joey

    I don’t understand how she has so many beads. If she flashed me, I would make her give me some of hers or I would sue her for accosting my eyes. When you’re fat, you don’t wear a tight top and tight jeans. You get the whole “Muffin” effect. Were there tits? I have no idea..everything else was so horrifying….I’m embarassed to live in Tampa now.

  48. Mike

    I heard the show on Sat.Radio when this came out, thought I would stop by and see if Ned was right… Very close Ned, but the way Bubba was working it over the airwaves I was expecting a bit more to be honest, like those “hotties” you guys always seem to find… Thanks for the shoot..

  49. mitchell

    Michelle…. you might have raised your daughter better but shes still a slut.

  50. RHINO

    Whats the big deal? She barely had tits!

  51. Maya

    This girl has serious issues…her parents must’ve missed a few important steps in the whole child-raising scheme.

  52. adAM

    that is lexi strauss!!!

  53. dw

    she does nice ones

    hmmmmm that sentence no verb

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