Deadliest Catch visits the studio

September 28th, 2011 by Staff
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  1. trucker rob

    miss you guys on the east side. everybody that i know (and turned onto you) misses you. i often sit in the truck with the radio off cause the alternative is retarded. from all the bubba army in flagler, volusia and the rest of the counties to jax, get the deal back on.

  2. johnny mcdowell

    hey guys i really really miss the show.. i think them guys that run the sat.. bussiness is jackasses for not giveing you guys a 5 year deal.. god i love howard but he is not careing anymore.. i think he is about done with it all..i just miss the days of ned being nuts…well i have much love for the show and will forever a fan thank you guys for the hard work and love you put into each and every show.. ty for the lanugher and ty for being a fan of us truck drivers.. without you guys we would never get any respect.. ty ty ty johnny

  3. Ernest Proper

    Love you bubby!!!

  4. Corrine

    How does one get you on terrestrial radio in good ol Pittsburgh?

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