Clem Gym Shirt

April 9th, 2009 by admin

Checkout the latest offering from the Bubba Army Merchandise Trailer…The Clem Gym Shirt!

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6 Responses

  1. tom viggiano

    clem gym , more like flem gym

  2. tom viggiano



  3. Mark Carlson

    25 looks like a reject from Bill Cliton ( the black singer )
    back up band dancers!!!!!

  4. dale NYC

    25 has a long johnson..hahahahahahahahahahah

  5. tom

    he looks like beetle juice from howard stern ,,lol
    hey im kiddi’n with all i comment on ok bubba + whom ever i offend ,just lost my lil brother in iraq , + if i don’t laugh or make ppl laugh it eats u up inside ,serious

  6. Tom Caruso

    Hey Guys, You were talking about some Aveeno Lotion that you rubbed on your torso before a workout to burn fat. What type of lotion was it?

    Thanks, Tom

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