Bubba’s Real Waterboarding Video

June 2nd, 2009 by admin

Check out this video of Tom getting a real waterboarding from Bubba and the guys!

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27 Responses

  1. B FUDD

    WOW WOW WOW THAT Waterboarding IS SUTFF

  2. Shane from Vegas

    Mancow’s a pussy, this is real waterboarding!

  3. David

    Mancow was weak. it lasted 5 seconds. Tom took his punishment like a man. The wet towel and hood over his head would have been bad enough smashin off his air. You guys rule

  4. brian from new york

    theres a major difference between your waterboarding and mancows joke

  5. Big Daddie


  6. Joe

    Dude, sick! F*@king sweet! Kinda makes me wanna hire Ned to do it to me just so I can see how it feels. Oh, and by the way manfag is a PUSSY!!! I’m going to kidnap him and rape him in the ass then waterboard him! hahaha!!! *giggidy*

  7. john bohnam

    Waterboard brents dumbass….ditch that loser. the show already has one fat ass , it doesnt need two.

  8. who cares

    lame; he such a pussy .you all got it going on .

  9. mr. bungle

    mancow is a goddamned GAPER. i would pay green money to see bubba spike-piledrive his pathetic fake a##.

  10. Dog

    Waterboard Brent!!!

  11. Marc

    I did not get to hear the show that day and was wondering if anyone else had it done to them as well. Also, Tom is a big pussy and has always been over dramatic over whatever is getting done to him. You should hit him in the knees with a hammer to show him what real pain is.

  12. Leo in New York

    If you really want Tom to cry like a bitch try sticking needles under his fingernails, now that’s torture BUDDAY…

  13. bubbasdingleberry

    dude mancow is such a fucking rip off..and he looks like a child preditor lol….

  14. fishook from Newfoundland

    waterboard frank…aka big mouth gangster who has seen scarface one two many times.

  15. AndrewBoldman

    Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.

  16. Anonymous

    Wow, all of you idiots saying mancow or tom is a pussy, I’d like to see you do it.

  17. Cupcake

    You guys once again, have done it the right way. F### mancow. Bubba Army.
    P.S. Just got my new Hootie Fu shirts. My kids wore theirs to school today.

  18. Jeremiah

    Bubba I don’t know if u remember me but we had a detailed conversation on the air when u were with 98 rock about Jim morrison and we both agreed we had the same opinion on him. Bad Ass. Love the waterboarding. Give me a shout on the radio. I listen every morning. I’ll give u guys a call. It’s hard to find real people these days and sir u are one of them. Thanks for listening. U rock all of u!!!

  19. Mike

    haha that was f###in hilarious

  20. chuck from bradenton

    listen UP looser’s!, You pick on brent because he’s smarter than 99.9% of you DUM ASS’ES !, And A marine toboot.Stay in the shallow end of the pool, LOOSER”S ! !

  21. Bobby

    That was great! Now, when can you do M.J.

  22. dave

    i love the hell out of bubba. but TOM lasted longer than manfag, not bubba. I know manhole did it for five seconds but the f#*ked up thing is, he can say that HE did it. Bubba, I love your show and I have never heard Manqueers’ show but he did’nt use a whack packer for his stunt. I know you guys did it the right way but manrammer will always have that over you bubba. AND THAT SUCKS. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT. YOU SHOULD HAVE SHOWN WHAT A TRUE FTE IS BABY. YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO . PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE. FROM SOUTH CINCY. ps. love you guys on daytons 95.3. freakin sweet. dont have to wait till 3 pm. I Love fridays at 10 am also . LOVE IT. the way radio and LIFE should be. F THE FCC BABY. HOWARD IS COOL TOO. LOL

  23. Todd Akers

    that is not even close to the way it is to be done in the interogation room guys but good effort, mancow is such a pussy. That happens to prisoners for hours off and on 5 minutes on 2 minutes off!

  24. Chris

    How can I get my hands on that official Bubba Army water can?

  25. art buf

    one of the better vids on waterboarding period

  26. Tim the logger

    i like it!

  27. Sarge

    This kicks ass!!

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