Bubba TNA Appearance 04-05-10

April 6th, 2010 by

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  1. Dick Bukaki

    i just shot a hot goo load all over my keyboard. shizz with a Z. Holy T rex arms.

  2. koboss

    hey bubba is that all you got is black or is that all that will hide the girdle, cant wait till you get takin out in the ring and the lard falls out and your exposed. keep it up fatty more kraft dinner for you fatty

  3. hammer

    bubba, you do look like a fat tick on tna! thats the funniest stuff i’ve seen and heard in quite some time. do you think all this wrestling crap will end up hurting your radio career? you should listen to gary, it kind of hurts your credability. your much better on the radio! ned rules!

  4. Bubbasucks

    Wow, will you look at that! It is Bubba The Contrived Sponge. The man who has the worst acting performances possibly in wrestling history. Seriously, just get off the TV. You are awful at this job; stick to doing what you do best: broadcasting(couldn’t even say that with a straight face).

    You are phony, you are a terrible actor, you are so scripted and mono-toned, and you know nothing about the business. Your Cornette rants suck, you call it just a “show”, which shows how much you don’t know. Even if it is a show, it must makes sense; therefore, people will not invest their time into it. Learn some common sense.

    In addition to that, show some respect for Hatti. I mean look what happened to their; that’s a disaster. Maybe since you are such a disaster, you cannot see them that clearly.

  5. Jim- Spring Hill, Fl

    Way to work. You are getting better every week, in my opinion.

  6. Dick Bruiser

    Bunch of jealous marks !!!!! Bubba is the man SAY IT ! SAY IT ! SAY IT !

  7. J-Man

    Hey BIG SEXY mizark stick to radio. You look like a FAT Jimmy Heart. Stick to radio. Love the radio show not the t.v. show!!!!!! F.T.E. and PROUD BUBBA ARMY member

  8. Alan - Ft Lauderdale

    RE, wait for it…. TARDED.

  9. LD

    bubba if hulk is your best friend let it go you are the king of radio but you SUCK on tv SORRY DUDE

  10. Conover

    Ben rules hands down,and is more intertaning then any other show.

  11. Alex M - ORLANDO

    I think you should lose the jacket bubba, and wear your reveal something like a Bubba Army General shirt. Maybe get a bunch of your fans out, and concentrate them on one side of the ring. Think of the tension, if you had 100 people decked out in bubba army gear. Then people could see the respect you command, and get you more. Also, get loose up there in the ring, have some fun, get LOUD the mic isn’t inches from your face in a closed semi-quite room. Keep up the good work!

  12. Joel derksen

    STAY IN THERE!!! you are getting better every week!FU@# those MARKS!!never was into wrestling much before,but now cant miss a show!!

  13. Johnny Feltersnatch

    Way to work it. I started watching wrestling again just to see when the sponge is gonna pop in. Im a mark SAY IT SAY IT

  14. bigtexas

    Bubba looks like a fat bitch wanna be. I bet he was beat up in high school. He is trying to hard to fit in with the cool guys.

  15. philip c

    get rid of the turtle neck armor, that shit makes you look fatter! i always hated TNA mainly because i cant stand jeff jarrett, but you made me switch over from that rated ‘G’ shit over on usa. like to see you bring in ICP as your posse when the band turns on your ass!! keep up the good work..BUBBA ARMY!!

  16. Tommy Boy

    Bubba- You are one of the best showman in the world! You can work a crowd to a frenzy. You and the boys and ned offer great entertainment every day! Keep up the good work- Tommy Boy Kalamazoo MI 269-649-3942

  17. Bright House Networks

    Your doing great Bubba, I say keep it up> I would love to see ya take somebody down the would make a good viewing experience
    dont be so hard on Hogan,old friend are hard to find. Ive been listing to ya since I was 14 duing the Power Pig days. And I guess grew up with ya,sad. I got a Big ass Bubba Box set for the man Dan Dellarido when you were with 98 Rock I Wired up his house on Sands Point. Are you guys still friends? Man I completed most of the Installs on 61 ave s
    always hoped to get yours. not happening I guess. Keep up the good work

    Bubba Army Forever Randy

  18. Bright House Networks

    P.S. You gotta get some kind of Bubba Amy Generals Shirt Great Idea!

  19. john lewis

    you are the man way to work.fthe marks

  20. DICKcheese

    Personally, I think wrestling is for retards. But, whatever gets you more advertising and exposure, in-turn, bringing us more bubba on sirius, I’m all for it. Hopefully you will get to take over the morning spot if Howard leaves. Keep up the good work guys! Ned rules!

  21. Tony


    TNA reminds me of the old NWA days which was truly the best wrestling to this day !!! After NWA, I quit watching wrestling altogether. I saw your ad for TNA and checked it out – I am HOOOOKED again!!!!!! To see Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan in the same arena brings tears to my eyes!!!! THE POPE is a badass too !! Keep up the great work !!!

  22. Florida Biker

    What in the hell is wrong with all ta guys here?

    Am I the only one that watches TNA just to see ta hot babes bend over as they climb into the ring?!!! And I’m 61 years old!

    Who gives a shit about “The Band”, hell they are older then I am. Or Hogan, I heard enough about his kid, and his wife ripping him off.

    Give me ta hot babes, hell I don’t even need sound on the TV!

  23. Horhay

    I cannot wait until the Texas Hangman finally gets a hold of you Fat Man…

    Ned Navy 4 Life

  24. george .albarran

    good job bubba f the jobers fags

  25. lovethesponge

    Wrestling is the gayest crap on tv. Quit this crap before those retards make you look like one of them. Ned Rules! Spice Sucks!

  26. Ortdude

    Are you kidding me?

    the 80′s called, they want their glasses back.

    seriously though, on the radio, you’re cool, on TV, you suck midget balls.

  27. steve2555

    Bubba you are making TNA intersting.

  28. BP

    Wow, I have been listening to BTLS for quite some time now and love it. However this is so damn corny. Bubba you look really out of place out there in the ring. Lose the fat guy clothing and the Bono sunglasses.

  29. Brian roller

    Bubba’s name should be apart of the lords prayer because he might be a GOD bubba rules Ellis not even good enough to suck dick fte hear ya later

  30. Dan the man

    First,Bubba’s kind of new to TV. Give the guy a break. Waking up and preparing for a radio show takes countless hours. No time for acting lessons.Anyway, he’s not that bad. No different than anything else on wrasssssling.Also, it does have a comical side. Now…you jobbers get back to laying blocks.

  31. johnny


  32. Reno

    you look like a fat MJ beside those guys. Stick to radio.

  33. Heywood Jablowme

    That was the stupidest shit I ever saw….What a tubby little fatass – hahaha

  34. aaron

    hey man dont worry bout those fools out there, u do great at both tv & radio!! thats why the ratings r so good bud!! keep it real & stick to it!! ive watched u mostly from my computer and u seem to do a pretty damm good job in my opinion man!! t.c. have a great week! u do have alot of character in ya!!

  35. riledup

    Bubba I love your show but damn.. You don’t hide the fact that you are 300 pounds, and if your Hogan or Nash that’s not a problem, but you look like Danny Devito after a 6 hour stay at the casino buffet. Television does you no favors. Keep up the good work on the radio and forget this fake ass tv crap! Ned you rock!

  36. keith "bubba" army

    hey man keep up the good work. better every appearance. dont let those jealous mizarks get you down. just please lose the jacket and proudly wear your 6 star general shirt!!!

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