Bubba: Grand Marshall

April 25th, 2009 by admin


For photos of the event Click Here

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  1. craig

    u did a good job bubba, for a big fat ass! ur wife looks good by the way!

  2. Leon Dixon

    NICE job, Bubba! Heather, Tizzy and Julia were looking awesome as well. Never mind the a-hole haters and anyone else who has something crappy to say. This is one Bubba Army soldier who will follow you into Hades if required…

  3. TheRealLerch

    Nice Job Bubba!!

  4. Cannabeans

    frickin great he didn’t deviate from those three words,just who said them.SUPERB!

  5. Rob

    Cool, too bad you were not there for the crash Sunday.
    I think it was great that Carl ran to the Finish Line but will he get busted by NASCAR for it???

  6. Jerseybiz

    Who’s going to tell bubba where Hades is?

  7. Jay

    U did F**kin GREAT!!!!

  8. Brad

    I love Bubba…but where is spice with the bell!!..:)

  9. DaLisO

    What a jabba the hut. You can’t even complete the whole command. Are you just a hanger oner? Anything to rub shoulders with the professionals. And SpiceBoy is correct. Nascar racing is for hillbillys like yourself. FatSo.

  10. mike cascino

    why did they write sons

  11. Grenny

    Great Job Bubba!!! Heather looks hot as hell!!!
    Pat yourself on the back man…. you deserve it, in more ways than one!!


  12. Mike

    Great job Bubba the choice of the black shirt may have been your best decision all day(very slimming).

  13. 1st sgt

    hey bubba great job you and the fellas keep up the outstanding work troops and tell those shithead wimp fagget none belivers this bubba army soldier slash retired army 1st sgt says tell them KISS MY ASS you and the boys drive on we love ya out hear
    ps spice semper fi jarhead hehe

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