Bubba’s first in ring interview

April 6th, 2010 by

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12 Responses

  1. koboss

    you ran away like a little bitch bubba.. you pazi ass.. doug clem never tell you, ya cant make chicken soup outta chicken shit.. that would be you…fatty

  2. moose

    damn bubba when you powder out you run away from the workers making the save not into them how long you been in da business

  3. Kevin

    “Big Tick, Little Jacket”. I think i heard the seams and buttons on that jacket screaming,”HELP ME”. Bubba your such a poser and biter. And he hits like a little girl to. Run bitch run

  4. big r

    You look like 10 pounds of elephant dung stuffed into a 5 pound bag. Your a penis head and your neck looks like foreskin. What a wanna be .. Im laughing my ass off right now at how F’n stupid you look .

  5. Ray

    Bubba you did great and i think i can watch wrestling again since Hogan arrived at TNA.Ray from Yulee Fl.

  6. michael

    this is some of the best acting i’ve seen to date. the quality is really unmatched. bubba, props to you for being apart of this truly blessed performance. i feel like a brand new man.

  7. tom

    fire bubba fire bubba, you are the biggest bragger about being employed under howard, and your nothing but a coward.stick to radio your no wrestler. leave it to the real actors bubba.

  8. dave

    I will not where my bubba army shirt now that wrestlers are wherein them. hulk hogan wherein one is bad enough so just keep reading NEWS Stories and comment on them that’s all you do what a joke





  11. DrewV

    wow you guys are hard on Bubba, but if u think he is a DJ in Tampa works with his friends and the best part of them all is he works Howard Stern, dont listen to him Bubba dont care what anyone says u rock!!

  12. billy mays

    bubba, this is billy mays… even i act better than you from my grave

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