Brent On TV

April 29th, 2009 by admin

Brent covered for Bubba on FOX 13′s Lightning Round to talk about Jesus license plates, NASCAR crashes and much more!

Did you miss the wild ending to the NASCAR race? Click Here to check it out.

Watch the video of Bubba as Grand Marshall of the Aarons 312 Click Here

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14 Responses

  1. lordy

    as usuall Brent held his own and did a great job.

  2. Even Manson

    Way to go Brent! Power to the people!

  3. Julio C

    Brent Ha”D”ly is the man :)

  4. kenton

    brent is the effin man

  5. Eric

    Wow, really well done, Brent. I’m sure that can’t be an easy thing to do.

  6. Jonathan

    Good job Brent, calm and cool as expected.

  7. Brendan Lewis

    Agreed, Brent is well spoken and well thought out comments, way to go Brent, hope to see you again some day in AC…..

  8. Mike A

    Brent is always on top of his game!

  9. woody

    Way to go Brent. By the way what the hell is Ballard?

  10. Henry

    Smooooothe Brent H!!!

  11. chuck

    Good job brent!

  12. wheel man

    finally brent commented on a religous subject without bashing or being pious in his own right. way to go

  13. Pete

    HAHA Jesus was am MMA fighter… Great job Brent!

  14. DROD

    Good job Brent!

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