Brent can’t Smile

September 15th, 2009 by

The guys recently had a photo shoot for the new Bubba Wonka package. Spice bet Bubba that he couldn’t get Brent to smile… Here is the outcome of this bet.
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  1. JD

    I kinda feel bad for Brent, his lip was twitching and he was really trying to smile. Its all good Brent….keep up the good work. I feel for ‘ya man! They are all just a bunch of haters anyway!

  2. scott smith

    brent should have known about hogans lawsuit \insurance company crap with nick

  3. Chris Jones Bubba Army

    F’n Hilarious

  4. Brian

    I gotta sympathize, I have the same problem.

  5. dwayne dockery

    brent way to go a true marine don’t give them a smile way to go simper fi

  6. sheri


  7. Kyle Richey

    Holy shit!!!
    Is Brent some sort of savant radio producer? He is a genius lacking the skills to smile.. And when he does it looks like a hornet just flew up his ass. ;-)

    Love you Brent…

  8. Mr Wow


    I feel your pain bud, but there is reason to smile. You’re a good-looking guy, but you have to play up your strong points. There was a short moment that you gave a half mouth smile that actually let us in, and your eyes gave the most feeling! I was once taught to smile without smiling, with my eyes. Half of a smile is in your eyes. Take a look at your peers while in the midst of a smile and you will notice that their eyes give them the most gleeful look. You can create a nice smile without actually giving a fake grin. Use your eyes, which are nice by the way, to project that your happy or at least people friendly, to think and project “happy”. Worked for me and it will work for you. Practice in the mirror and you will see.

    Also, loose the earrings. They drag the balance of your face downward. And wear shirts with a lighter balance of color on the top, which gradually fades to dark below. This will create a feeling of a larger upper torso and a slim lower torso. Also, think about the collar. The collar that you have in the video is short and wide, flaring out. This causes your face to widen. Be conscious of the collar, something thinner, or pointed down, even buttoned, and it will elongate your face.

    I heard you lamenting today about your self-image, and you shouldn’t feel that way. You are a great guy


    Mr. Wow.

    Mr WOW

  9. bob

    fn funny shit.

  10. bob

    keep smiling brwent.

  11. eleddio

    Hi my name is Brent;
    I’m here to baby sit your children…..and then eat them!!

  12. Julio C

    Bubba definitely lost weight

  13. Lana

    Oh Brent, I love you. You are a great looking guy and I really felt sorry for you.They give you such a hard time. Don’t let them get you down you are a great looking guy smiling or not.

  14. Hatley's Hair

    Brent, I feel for you bro. I’m not a smiler either. Kyle Busch Rules!!!

  15. James Darby

    Two Pot Brownies, then photo shoot! Learn how to work!

  16. JSponge

    Too freakin funny! Brent, you rock!


    Brent should try out for monster films, he’s a scary looking dude! Just goes to show you, don’t judge a book by its cover, because he’s certainly proved he’s an intelligent MF.

  18. Ray White

    As a person who served as a Canadian Army MP and was not allowed to smile most of the time i can relate to brent maintaining a strict discipline and remaining straight faced. HOO RAH My friend

  19. teddy

    Brent’s mug just broke my monitor.

  20. Brandon in St. Louis

    Awesome, just flat out awesome!!!

  21. Joe

    Poor bastard, looked like you were being boiled alive. I’m not a smiler either and picture taking is like torture and it doesn’t help my fking wife is like a tourist either.

    Brent ya rule, I don’t agree on everything you say but at least your intelligent in coming to your conclusions.

  22. m.white

    brent youre the shizzle my nizzle. only smile when you want. anything short of that is fake, and you dont seem fake to me. btw love the political commentary.

  23. James

    Maybe you should try putting a light bulb in his mouth instead.

  24. Brian

    Does anyone else think that Brent looks very much like Sloth from The Goonies?

  25. john

    REALLY not cool guys to harass someone when they are not comfortable is really a shitty thing to do to hear it on the radio you dont see the discomfort on the faces of the victoms you all should feel shitty

  26. Jeff in Port Orchard, WA

    I never realized how much Brent looks like Mr Clean before. Remember the song about Brent not being able to whisper? We need a new one now! I still respect you though Brent. Thanks for your service!

  27. Ogrenutz

    Damn Brent that’s great. Stiff as a board….You know Charlie Manson?

  28. Ned

    Shutup Brent ya ugly prick

  29. gary woods

    leave Brent alone. He is a good guy.

  30. writingonthewall

    Very funny! The mouth twitch shows just how uncomfortable you really are! Love your politcal stuff and just wish people would wake up and see things for what they really are! Canucks rule!!

  31. DADJR

    Damn brent, there must be some deep seeded shiznet going on there. I don’t think i’d be able to keep a strait face working with that crew.

  32. Brian V

    Looks like he is facing a firing squad not a camera!

  33. Dunner 5000

    Who cares what you like Amanda is hot

  34. Bryan R.

    This is funny as hell…..

  35. Buck

    It’s not about smiling, I have the same problem, a normal looking grin is better than a crappy fake smile. It is better to put your real face on then a stupid looking fake grin.

  36. Eddie

    Brent needed a child’s photographer with a toy or shiny objects to motivate a smile.

  37. jason Hellman

    Stop being such a PUSSY. You are On the greatest radio show since Howard. I hate to say it,but Howard is better. But he’s gonna retire and I know Bubba is next in line. Sirius is fools if they don’t recognize. Bubba in the mornings & Howard in the afternoons. The writing all over the wall.

    Don’t worry Bubba fans. Bubba will take the thrown. just like Wiglaf. He stood behind Beowulf as Beowulf defeated the Dragon with his last breath. His other warriors fled the fight,but Brent hatley wasn’t gonna let the Dragon Nestel him or Bubba up,even though Beowulf was the far suppirior warrior proven in combat, but at an advanced age.

    Don’t count Brent out though, he is a Marine. They can fight through adversity and over come. He may be more Bad Ass than you give him credit for. The Garbage can was a test of power. Get Him some Therapy.

  38. Mark

    Oppppsss…I used profanity and got thrown off…sorry.
    I was just saying….Love Brents photoshoot….It’s hilarious.

  39. Caveman

    Holy Rob Halford!

  40. tim conant

    brent can i do amanda

  41. Tony

    I can’t smile either!
    Just the shape of my mouth and moustache.

  42. Blaine

    Just like you guys, laughing at someone elses pain.CAN’T BEAT IT.

  43. Amy

    Brent you are just plain HOT!!

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