Brent and his Drum Set

August 27th, 2009 by

If you want more Bubba, Bubba Raw has it! See Brent trying to play the drums after Bubba called him out. Join now to see the entire video and Photos!

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13 Responses

  1. JSponge

    Too funny! Good lookin out, Brent! ROFL

  2. Marc

    Love the Brent Hatley concert

  3. larry

    brent was playing love gun from kiss sounds alright…

  4. Marc H.

    I give lessons. just sayin’.

  5. dutchy

    the start sounded like love gun…he kinda lost it after the snare rip…

  6. ron

    did you see brents mouth when he was playing

  7. Elcaminoman

    Brent sucked! Let ME show you how to play!! LMAO

  8. drumminjoe

    the snare drum was not turned on!!

  9. drumminjoe

    Brent rules!!! Give em hell Brent !!

  10. Butch

    Isn’t a rim shot 3 drum hits and a cymbal?

  11. Kelly

    My dog with 3 legs knowen as tripod plays better drums what a dick

  12. dave

    sounded more like my sharona

  13. Lol

    Brent sucks!!

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