Bree Olson Meltdown

January 11th, 2011 by Staff

I’m not sure where to begin, what started as a great interview with porn star Bree Olson slowly spiraled down hill quickly after finding out the “Blind” Pantera wasn’t really blind.

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10 Responses

  1. Mark

    Come back To SIRIUS… it sucks without you. We miss you in a non faggot way!

  2. Nedsnuts

    F Sirius, dont go back to that low payin pimp. you will make more money on your own. dont be afraid it will all be good with radioio

  3. Matt

    Miss the hell outa you dudes! Ned rocks!

  4. John Hubley

    Just like analog television, the F.C.C. are slowly eleiminating those freq’s., to free up the fast loss of other analogs! Just because there are replasments of other shows and talent,the medium will go the way of the (dinosour)? Lastly thank goodness for Amateur Radio and the continuing of ths radio spectrum……thanx,John WA2klh

  5. John Hubley

    P.S. on radio freq’s. Just wait till F.C.C. puts its claws into terestrl radio freq’s !!!!!! John

  6. Chuck Dillon

    Can somebody tell me what happen to Bubba on Sirius ? I can’t find any info on what happen and why he isn’t there?

  7. chris

    Do you guys think you will ever come back to sirius? The afternoons are not the same

  8. scott

    C’YA! Jason Ellis stomped your ass and will continue to get bigger than you ever were. thanks for the rip off replays of your radio show. Red Dragons!

  9. jeff

    siruis sux, come to st.louis bubba

  10. marcus

    I guess I wont be re newing my 6 years of sirius. Bubba show is the best.

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