The Whistles Go WOO WOOO

April 14th, 2010 by

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  1. steve

    He ran the stop sign

  2. lovetank

    the guy with the woody wagon is kick ass gangsta , but bubb rubb is da man woo woooo

  3. Amanda

    This is the best EVER. We saw this several years ago and every once in a while still go back and watch it. It just never gets old.

  4. Mike D.


  5. Josh

    woo woooo

  6. Justin

    The whistles go whoooooo!!!!

  7. JD

    classic. this video reminds me of the leprechaun sighting not to long ago.


  8. jen

    That’s funny stuff. woo wooo

  9. Ralph Cazares

    Woooo Woooooooooo

  10. flika


  11. John

    “That’s only in the mornin, they supposed to up cookin brefast or sutton, that’s like our alarm clock or sumthin.” There are a few videos on youtube that mixed this and the lephracaun videos with other songs, f-in hilarious!

  12. RB

    The other day I heard a man saying something a little “off color” in regard to African American’s in general. I thought to myself, how ignorant is he to be generalizing a culture based on behavior, or “style” preference. By style, I’m referring to young men wearing pants 4 sizes too large hanging off their butts looking like complete idiots. This thought wore on me as my day progressed, and sadly, I started to see how this man and many other people across our nation could draw such parallel comparisons. Before anyone cries “RACIST”, let it be known that I am black. I am American. I am not African American. My ancestors were African American, but through time and evolution, they died… and now “WE” are AMERICAN (sorry, off topic/hot button for me). This culture of ours these days is really going down the toilet. There are no longer many classy celebrities, musicians, song writers etc…in ANY race. The hip-hop/rap community is by far the worst offender. If “WE” strive to change the perception of “White-America”, why not start acting civilized, and get educations instead of making quick money rap songs that degrade women, promote violence, and smacking ho’s! Lets sing about something meaningful like “WE” used to back in the golden age of hip-hop/rap (when songs had meaning, and a message), if that is the music of preference for you. These idiots in this video are clearly uneducated, and most likely high on god knows what. They probably have no car insurance, and they clearly do not have a care or regard for anyones safety with the way they ran the stop sign. I’m ashamed of these disgusting idiots who unfortunately represent my race. Let’s change the perception Black-America, because I’m sick of seeing this crap… RB

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