Memphis Man Tries to Stab Mother Over TV Remote!

April 14th, 2010 by admin

“A fight between mom and son over a television remote ended with an urgent call to police. Anne Daniels says when she grabbed the remote control early Thursday morning, her son lost control, pulled out a knife and swung at her neck.” – Memphis News

8 Responses

  1. The LA Nigga

    yeah, numba one boops!

  2. Casey

    Ok this is what happens when parents dont whip their kids when it is needed!!!

  3. charlie

    love all these dirty t-shirts….

  4. Matt


  5. Paulie

    This one is a riot for sure, but my favorite is still the one where the kids burned to death in the house fire and the aunt was saying “I’s gots to get inside to see if my food stamp card burnt up…”

  6. Angela

    This mother has two kids that are both loosers, one in a wheelchair from being stabbed and one that attacks her over a remote control! She needed parenting classes for sure, now we as taxpayers get the bill for her bad life choices… um thanks for this burden that we have to live with financially and our safety in the community.

  7. Steven

    They’re lying. Who do you think he’s more angry at with remote control envy, his mom, or his brother thats in a wheelchair?

  8. casey

    thank god it wasn’t a chicken leg.

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