Antoine Dodson of Huntsville, AL

August 2nd, 2010 by Staff


5 Responses

  1. Travis

    WOW!!! Does he/she not realize what an embarrassment they are, especially now that it is being broadcast all over the internet?!?!?!?!?

  2. tommy t

    that’s some funny shiz with a Z. now run and tell that, homeboy.

  3. Drakar

    the better (and original) version of the autotuned video is here:

    This is made by the same guys who do all the Auto-Tune The News bits, which are great; if you haven’t seen them already search for “auto-tune the news” and I suggest you start with parts 6 or 8 (you don’t really need to see them in order).

  4. bigfat03

    best boopity of all time. HANDS DOWN!

  5. Daytona Corey

    Next time u see that dude he gonna be a shemale.. that has to be the faggish guy thats in every hood…

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