Bubba’s little sister (and only sibling) Tara Clem, was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana. After intense therapy of dealing with her brother’s torture throughout her childhood, including getting her ass beat at the age of 9 because she didn’t share her ham sandwich with Bubba, she realized she was best served dealing with the trauma of her childhood head on, so she moved to Tampa in 1999 after graduating from Purdue University.

Her mission in moving to Tampa was also to stabilize her brother’s life and ward off all of the gold digging whores that infested his world. It is then that Bubba discovered a “voice” in her and instantly recruited her to do his news, radio bits and voice over/imaging work.

While doing radio voice over work in her spare time, Tara began a successful career in corporate America where she worked for over 12 years in marketing, including leadership and senior management roles. With the fever to follow in her brother’s footsteps and her need for daily torture, Tara jumped at the opportunity to join the radio world full time as an on-air personality on The Bubba The Love Sponge Show in April 2012.

As the only female on air and in the building, Tara has to be a ball busting female (when Bubba lets her talk) and roll with the punches, while trying to keep the guys in line and Ned sober enough to speak….. all while trying not to piss off her brother.

She loves music, traveling, fashion and sports. She recently got married for the first time and refuses to take any relationship advice from anyone on the show, other than Manson.

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