Position:“HIGHly Valued Employee”
Company:Bubba Radio Network

Bio:When he isn’t seizing up on the deal, Pantera is the resident hydroponics expert and mixtape slinger of the BRN.  After meeting Bubba in 1994 at the Power Pig and doing him various jobs clean in the middle, Pantera went on hiatus to pursue a career in the mixtape industry.  Pantera rejoined the BRN in 2007 where he now helps with stunts, screens phone calls, and provides the crop to the shop.  He hopes to one day own and operate the first legal medicinal marijuana dispensery in Florida, chronicaling the founding with a video documentary collaboration with Al Kida. Pantera’s interests include TV, concerts, football, and comedy.  He also boasts an extensive rare and vintage CD collection, of which he avidly buys and sells for.