Dave Rice


(They made us write our own bio for the website, so I guess I have to write it in third person perspective this is awkward.)

Dave Rice is not really a broadcast engineer, but he does play one on the radio. Dave Rice immigrated to Florida in 1998 from New Jersey, where he worked as an audio engineer for live theater and concerts. Dave Rice got a job with the BTLS® show after stumbling across some compromising photos of show members with some farm animals, and then blackmailing them until they hired him.

Dave Rice likes to be behind the scenes, and absolutley hates being in front of a microphone or a camera. Dave Rice does not like people to see what he looks like. Dave Rice sometimes wears a mask in public. You might think you have seen Dave Rice, but Dave Rice can assure you that you have not.

Dave Rice likes to make stuff….not important stuff that you would actually need, like houses, but stuff that no one needs, like shock collar Operation games, game show spinning wheels, chocolate strap on dildos, etc…

Dave Rice does not do anything rugged ever. Dave Rice was raised by a pack of wild chihuahuas.

Dave Rice likes long naps on the beach, taco bell, chocolate chip cookies, cheeseburgers, spending time with his family, reading, sleeping, hiking and peace and quiet.

Dave Rice dislikes ignorant sheep-people, TV, religion and politics.

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