Position: Utility Guy
Company:Bubba Radio Network

Nick “Chaz” Termine came to the show in 2009 as an intern looking to break into the radio industry. After seven months of taking his lumps as low man on the totem pole, Bubba offered him a gig as the official show car washer to prevent him from flipping burgers to make ends meet. He has since gone on to be an everyday employee at the BRN filling a wide variety of roles as the “utility guy” on staff.

Chaz enjoys attending live concerts and sporting events, listening to loud music while working on computers, creative writing, intramural football, baseball, tennis and bowling, and staying up to date on Marvel Comics, specifically Captain America. He hopes to one day learn to overcome being tone-deaf so he can rock out on alto sax and learn to work a turntable, microphone and mixer with the best of them. Chaz will one day set the world record for most consecutive hours awake followed by most consecutive hours asleep.

Chaz is currently the last known candidate for Project:Rebirth. He is also one of the few humans with a medical record worse than Allen Iverson’s. He has not been hit with any shells but still walks with a limp.