Tyler Clem Racing Video

October 12th, 2009 by admin

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10 Responses

  1. JJ

    Great job Tizzy


    Way to go Tizzy!

    When are you going to upgrade him to a 250 minisprint?

  3. mark

    very nice what a joy it must be for you.congradulations,fte

  4. D. Diggler

    good job, you must be proud hes a wheel man for sure

  5. Todd Lundy

    From listening to your show, I feel like an uncle. Good job, Tizz.

  6. tim conant

    you are the little man so proud tiz. your the best

  7. barfighter

    Why is Bubba the only one in the middle of the track

  8. carl carroll,dallas texas

    Way to go Tizzy!! Bubba u are doing a great job with him.. For every one asshole the are hundreds like me who have stuck with u no matter what. We dont call or email we just enjoy what u and the boys do.. Your the man Tizzy.. thank guys for all u do >>>

  9. Jim

    Tizzy…way to grease that kid on the inside kiddo. He felt you right on his backside and he crumbled. Good job!

    Bubba keep up the good work man, you’re looking good. Thought that might be Big Dick in the infield at first. Wish you much success with the rest of your diet.

    Looking forward to another great week of radio, you guys are the best.

  10. mike tuttle

    keep it up tizzy!the next tony!love the show!being part of a future racing star is badass! keep it up tiz!

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