Talkers Heavy Hundred 2010: Bubba rockets past O&A; Stern remains steady

February 19th, 2010 by

header2 – It’s that time of year again, when Talker’s Magazine releases their subjective list of top talk radio talent based on “input from industry leaders.” This year, we see Bubba the Love Sponge jump up in rankings, Opie & Anthony drop down significantly, and Howard Stern holds steady at the same position as last year.
In 2009′s Talker’s Heavy Hundred list, we saw Howard Stern ranked at #32 – the same position he holds this year for Talker’s 2010 list. The magazine writes that Howard Stern “hosts satellite radio’s most-listened-to show for 5th year in a row” adding that Stern is a “huge, iconic media figure.”

Bubba the Love Sponge on the other hand made a huge leap upward in Talker’s Top 100 list. In ’09 he was ranked at #52, just behind Opie & Anthony. This year though, and likely due to his re-introduction to terrestrial radio, Bubba has moved up to #45 in the list. Talker’s writes that Bubba’s “return to AM drive brings big numbers in Tampa and other southern markets.”

Opie and Anthony didn’t fair as well. Last year they had just edged out Bubba, and ranked at the #51 spot in Talker’s Heavy Hundred. This year, they dropped down to the #65 spot. Talker’s doesn’t have a very positive tone about O&A either, writing that the “legion of rabid fans keeps this hot talk duo going on satellite radio.”

None of these numbers are what they used to be, and it definitely seems that Talker’s has a significant bias against satellite radio (unsurprising considering the “industry leaders” who make the selections).

In 2006′s Heavy Hundred, Howard Stern ranked at the top as #1. In 2007′s Talker’s list, Stern dropped to #12 while O&A made their debut at #6 on the list. Then 2008′s list came out, and Howard fell one spot to #13 while Opie & Anthony came in at #17. The bias truly began to show.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Mancow (who was recently pink slipped from Chicago, again) somehow beats out Stern, Bubba and O&A – coming in at #14 on the 2010 Talker’s list.

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