EXCLUSIVE: Sirius XM Slashing Salaries of Top Talent, Says Anchor of Howard Stern Channel

January 6th, 2011 by Staff

www.hollywoodreporter.com – “They’ve asked everybody to take a pay cut,” claims Bubba the Love Sponge, who quit after being told his salary would be reduced by 80%.
After having struck expensive deals with such Hollywood personalities as Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Jamie Foxx, Sirius XM has been asking some of its top radio talent to take dramatic cuts in pay.
So said Bubba the Love Sponge, who for five years was the No. 2 talk-show host at Sirius XM until he quit a few days ago after he says management tried to cut his salary by 80%.
In December, CFO David Frear talked of “more favorable economic terms” as content deals came up for renewal, so it’s no secret that Sirius XM is trying to rein in costs. If a glimpse into Bubba’s salary negotiations is any indication, the cost-cutting measures could be brutal.
Even top talker Howard Stern hasn’t been immune, as analysts figure he re-upped at Sirius XM for about $80 million a year, down from a previous deal that had him earning $100 million annually.
But while Bubba attracts an audience about 38% the size of Stern’s (roughly 2 million compared to 750,000, according to insiders), it turns out his worth to Sirius XM was negligible in comparison. And he’s not alone, he said.
“They’ve asked everybody to take a pay cut,” he told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. “With me, it was a take it or leave it offer. We decided to leave it.”
Bubba was earning $1 million annually at Sirius XM, and the company wanted to slash that to $200,000 beginning this year, he said.
Bubba blamed management’s penny-pinching on its obsession with striking rich deals with Hollywood, sports and music personalities who have name recognition but no discernible talent for radio. Sirius XM, for example, pays Winfrey about $18 million a year and Stewart roughly $7 million.
“They’ve asked everybody to take a pay cut. With me, it was a take it or leave it offer. We decided to leave it.”
The company also has on its payroll Eminem, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Dylan, skateboarder Tony Hawk, skier Bode Miller, Entourage actor Jerry Ferrara and a host of other prominent names.
“They paid an exorbitant amount for Hollywood people like Jamie Foxx with no f—ing radio talent, so radio people like me have suffered,” Bubba said. “A lot of good radio people aren’t getting an opportunity because of these Hollywood people.”
Sirius XM didn’t respond to requests for comment.
“Eminem doesn’t even have to show up and they pay him zillions of dollars. Where does Bubba the Love Sponge sign up for that!” he joked.
“I don’t have any business on a movie set, and actors don’t have any business behind a radio mike,” Bubba added. “You Hollywood f—s stay out of radio, and we’ll stay out of Hollywood.”
Bubba has for years had an unusual relationship with Sirius XM. He joined the same day as Stern and anchored the Howard 101 channel. A year later, he accepted a pay cut but was allowed to syndicate the show to a half-dozen traditional radio stations. That’s when he cleaned it up in order to pass muster with the FCC. A year after that, he began delivering four hours of exclusive and uncensored content to Sirius XM.
“Three times we were able to do a deal. This time we came to an impasse,” he said. “I didn’t think an 80% pay cut was fair market value for my services.”
Instead, Bubba has joined radioIO.com, making him the first major radio personality to ditch satellite in favor of the Internet. RadioIO is owned by ioWorld Media, a publicly traded company.
At RadioIO, Bubba will host a free show plus another show that will become part of the service’s subscription package. Plus, members of his on-air radio crew will get to program their own music channels based on the genres they like.
“They gave me a fairly lucrative base salary, plus incentives like stock and commission on subscribers. It’s far better than Sirius ever was,” he said.

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  1. Todd Bennett

    I say good for Bubba! I already have checked radioio out on my droid and can’t wait for the 10th of this month. Bubba has got more talent than 90% of the SiriusXM lineup anyway. Good luck to you guys and I along with those crazy Canadians will be listening…

  2. David Spirou

    Sirius has been Jerking Bubba around for five years and I’m happy for Bubba and the BRN for doing what they needed to do. With that said, it really sucks for me as I can no longer hear my favorite show. I am a salesman who lives in California and spends the majority of my day in my car. Sirius was the only way I could hear the BTLS show. Congratulations on your new deal guys. You deserve it!

  3. Derek Palmer

    Five Years Ago I came to Sirius because of Howard Stern. During my introduction to satellite radio I discovered Bubba and his team of misfits. The On-Air Radio dynamic between Bubba and his entourage had me hooked. The last few days in my car have been boring to say the least. If Howard was the king of all media than Bubba is his heir apparent. Today I cancelled my subscription and was asked if I would subscribe again if Bubba returned… My answer was simple… Yes! I would resubscribe that day.

  4. Jim Moritz

    F them! I am dropping Sirius and will be looking for you on the Net! love you guys!

  5. tim

    Whay to go bUbba fte here in western ny just west of rochester ny. It realy sucks that those cheap bastards at sirios xm cant give u the money ur worth! it saddens me cause i wont be able to listen to any more. best of luck u guys ur the best!

  6. Marc

    Well FUuzz……I listened to the afternoon repeats of the show and LOVED Bubba and the whole crew…..Had I known he wasn’t coming back I would have dropped the Sirius everything package…next year I’m gone……BTY Bubba over 50 her almost 60 and the better half loved u too…feel like we have lost family…..Sirus if you read this shouzzz Oprah Martha and Jamie..ALL wortheless pieces of shiz

  7. Jeff Connors

    In 5 years Sirius will not be in business.
    There is absolutely nothing else on Sirius the caliber of Howard and Bubba. Who Jason Ellis!!! He’s OK if you are a 16yr old boarder. Not many 16 year old subscriptions there.
    Howard should have had Bubba as a signing condition.
    His show is going to suffer. 4 days a week and a lot of vacation.
    I I need both Bubba and Howard and this just sucks to have to buy 2 subscriptions. Oh well in 5 it will only be 1!!!!

  8. Luke Lamb

    Bodie Miller, good one.

  9. JR

    for what its worth, I canceled both of my Sirius subscriptions yesterday. I made a point to tell the phone operator to make sure and note that this was because Sirius dumped Bubba. Her reply was “Well dont cancel yet, Sirius and Bubba are still in negotiations.”
    Bubba Army!

  10. Dexter

    Works on my android! Flawless baby.

  11. Ralph

    man that hella sucks.. im gonna miss ya bubba.. i hope you can come on the air out here in the bay area… sirius hella screwed this one

  12. Ralph

    i hope you can come back to the channel.. it aint howard 101 with out you..

  13. Paul

    FTE From Calgary A.B. They really hung you guys out this time and we all suffer with you guys. Sucks cause i can’t listen to you anytime soon. Best of luck to all of you on your new deal, all of you deserve it.

  14. daryl

    F them dizum izasses. Not hooking back up my subscription. Trying to get u guys on my droid x.sirius and ned can lick my swizetty bizzalls

  15. vern

    FTE from Springfield, ONT………….oh gawd this is terrible news, i suspected something like this when i couldnt find the show this past week….ok now Sirius is going to here from me..alot

  16. Deano

    Its Friday and there will be no Bubba this morning. Howard 101 is not the same without you guys you are Howard 101. Missing my fix of Bubba in the afternoons. Already getting tired of the old Howard replays in your time slot. Hope you guys are able to return. You guys are the bomb!

  17. Scott in Rhode Island

    Fridays on Sirius 101 are not listenable. Really miss the uncensored show. Still listen online. Howard only needs 1 channel now. Ferall can move to 100 at night. Sirius needs to get Bubba back on. Bottom line.

  18. BOBBY

    The only good thing on Sirius was Bubba no Bubba no sirius for me

  19. Ryan

    Well good luck!! We will not be able to listen now.Were fte and dont get to set at a computer all day to be able to here the show. Just when we find a good show someone always takes it off the air!! and its a joke.

  20. john

    Sirius just made the biggest mistake in their programing scheduling. This will be the number one reason they will soon be gone. It truly amazes me that Stern didn’t make a real stink at SIRIUS. I hope he realizes that channel 101 now is no longer a pre_set station on my radio and many others. Shame on Sirius. Good for Bubba!

  21. Newport Tony

    Hey Bubba, Good luck, I will follow you guys anywhere. Just please leave the pertinent information on btls.com so that we can join this new website. Love you guys in a non —–t way.

  22. Todd

    This absolutely sucks love Howard but 101 is not even close to the same channel of last year tired of the reruns already well sirius this place is bullshizz im outta here will be canceling my three subscriptions good luck to bubba and the guys

  23. brian

    IAm going to quit sirius they are dumb who listento to that oprah cut her out give the money to bubby

  24. Brian

    The radio station in miami also screwed up for getting rid of Bubba. He had a big fan base in south florida but it was not reflected in the ratings. the rating system must be flawed.

  25. Rick

    Well those sirius F***s really did it right this time, For a Billion dollar company they really are asking for a bankrupacy. I cancelled all my stuff today and told them I hoped they went under paying those f**k hollywood dudes that kinda of money for their nothing and not paying the guys who really know talk radio( bubba and crew). I will have to buy new equitment to get you guys I will follow You on the internet and sure not on Sirius ever again. Thanks for manning up guys. You dont need those f**ks ever again!!!

  26. jason the sponge lover

    Why not take a tally of dropped subscriptions and have sirius pay bubba half the subscription value of all the lost business. They would still be better off in the end. I am cancelling all three of my sirius accounts in the morning. No point to have them without bubba.

  27. MIke

    Bubba you guys rock ,sirius needs to get there heads out of there a***s.my day wont be the same i hope you guys can work out a deal

  28. Chad Walker

    This is bullshis. Im a otr trucker and Bubba and the crew made my day f u sirius im done good luck Bubba Ill try than app

  29. Roc

    There is a God. Bubba is gone from sirius. No more of that over rated show. You would have to be braindead to not know Manson does the voice of Ned. I have many ways to prove that. Bubba is a racist and his team is too weak to call him out on it. Fuck you all.

  30. scott

    theres no more contrast on the channels if theres no bubba,we dont all come from the city and watch tv all day and talk about gay shows.i enjoy howard but can only take so much.

  31. Dave

    I’m more than pissed at Sirius’ spend habits and when my last subscription comes up in June it will end there. I already cancelled the others because of how long it was taking to re-sign Howard and now what has happened to BTLS will finish me for good. I love Howard and came to Sirius because of him like so many others plus I got the the bonus of listening to Bubba who I became a fan of when I used to go to Florida years ago.

    Since the merger everything they said would happen hasn’t, in fact subscriptions went up in price but I paid because of Howard 100 & 101. Now I find after Howard’s show I plug my iPod in for the rest of the day although I have on occasion listened to the comedy channels but there again they keep playing the same thing over and over which gets old fast. I have no use for Mad Dog, Oprah, Martha and Dr. Laura is a joke, both as a person and show host and I’ve never wasted time on any of the other channels that have “Big” celebrities because they are just so f*****g boring.

    I wish you guys nothing less than the greatest success on Radio IO and would like to personally thank each of you for the hours of laughs you have given me over the years. It made some bad days out here on the roads better.

    FTE Toronto Ont. Canada

  32. VINCE


  33. cudacruzin

    Sirius has till the end of the week to renew bubbas contract or I won’t be renewing mine. They have cut back Tiffany Granath to 3 days a week. Howards working less and now no bubba. Why are we still paying the same amount for so much less????

  34. Kevin

    I work way to much and have spent many hours awake at the wheel because of your crew, not the same now, Hard to believe but I find myself tuning into FOX NEWS, because you used to bring any news the mattered to our ears. It is very hard to stay awake at the wheel now, sorry you are gone, Management rarely makes the right choices!

  35. Pat

    Siruis has made a big mistake not sighning you guys back on. Your idea of 1&4 was the perfect answer. It’s to bad that some high up corp guy with his head up his own butt can’t hear what the acutual people who are paying their salary really want to hear. I’m a Canadian FTE and already miss listening to the afternoon show. Good luck with your new adventures and thanks for the 5 years I got to listen.Thanks again Pat

  36. Clayton

    Bubba and the guys,

    You are simply the best.
    I love howard but with out you i am ditching sirius.
    hey sirius,real bigggggggggggggg screw up.
    Love ya guys.

  37. Ron

    No Bubba on Sirius equals no more subscription for me.

  38. Jason

    I want to know when the app will be ready for the Droid???? I will be listening on Monday the 11th..

  39. berkley power

    We will miss you bubba and the gang, not the same without you, F.T.E. out of Newfoundland, Canada.

  40. Jim

    Gonna miss you up here in the great white north. Won’t miss Sirius when I cancel my subscription. Best of luck guys, will look you up the next time we visit Tampa. Jim, Nova Scotia

  41. Ken Smith

    Bubba, I am glad you told them to stick it, I have had that discussion with Sirius and they will be cut from all of my company cars, Thus my sales guys love your programing, I don’t know how to get you on the net and be able to listen to it during the day of travel, I really like the live shows for all the crazy stuff

  42. joe

    the only 2 stations i ever used on sirius were 100 and 101. i went for howard but became a bubba fan for life. you guys are the shiz and 2nd aint even close.hope you get what you all deserve good luck in future endevours and sirius is going to fall faster than the twin towers now that they let the best show they ever had go somewhere else. good luck guys and hope to be able to get your show again someday soon. later

  43. Steve

    I am canceling my subscription too. Howard is good, but without Bubba it simply is not worth it!

  44. Jerrod

    FTE from central Nebraska. Don’t blame you one bit Bubba n Crew! Pay cuts suck when you prove pure talent daily. Bad news is without Sirius I Cant listen. My phone is crap. I can’t keep signal connected long enough. Internet is too much hassle in my truck. I cancelled my best of sirius though!

  45. Billy Big Rig

    This is bullshizzz ! While I certianly dont begrudge you guys taking the best deal for your families… This sucks for us FTEs. I Western Canada the cellular service is spotty at best between cities due to mountians and running up north its just as bad. The crtc ( canadian FCC ) also has basically given a few cel providers the keys to the kingdom so live streaming your show even when in service range would be rediculoiusly expensive on even the largest data plan.
    I wish you guys the best in the future. I wont be downloading old shows to listen to on the road……To me that would be to frustrating if its not semi current , forget it. Good luck guys

    PS: I cancelled my Sirius as well, four shows of Howard a week just isnt enough to keep my there. I love Scotty but I’m usually off the road by that time so…….. Fu,, this place its bullshiz I’m outta here !

  46. Sign Bender

    Sorry to lose you Bubba,got hooked when Howard went to Sirius now you guys are gone and we still paying alot with a added “music royalty fee” Gotta do some number crunching to determine if sat. radio is worth it,and if Howard goes in 5 years my 4 subscriptions will too!

  47. Angry All The Time

    FYOU SIRIUS!!!!!
    Really hard for FTE’S to listen inexpensively and without service interuptions.
    BTW Sirius was offering reduced memberships in August 2010!!
    They must of known something then??
    I will still listen when Im home.
    Luv Ya In a Non Faggot Way!!!

  48. cj

    F.T.E out of texas this sucks balls sirus fed up im cancelling my sub maybe some hire ups in sirus can get there heads out of there ass been listing since u guys were on xm BUBBA ARMY 4 life i hope it all works out i cant afford new phone to listen so good like guys

  49. Doug

    I miss you all, your show made my day and friday show was even better! Its a wonder how all those business educated idiots got it so wrong……..I cant afford to go the internet radio deal so BYE and best of luck!


  50. Mike

    i canceled a few months ago. Saw this coming. Funny thing is I am getting Serius for free up till now. They must be playing a game on there stock holders by keeping people connected. I’ve heard this happening to other people who’ve canceled

  51. TexasConstable

    Bubba and Crew,

    I really hate to see yall leave Sirius. I will be cancelling my subscription. I only got it when I was introduced to your show several years ago. It will not be the same without you. You guys made my day riding around in my patrol car so much more enjoyable. Thank you for what you do for our Law Enforcement community. God Bless.

  52. scotty forks ax men washington

    f–k thi shiz done canceald all 5 subscriptions in the trucks howard needs to get out more theres more to the world than new york gonna miss you guys


  53. Jarrod Lewis

    Well they can take my 7 raidos in all my work trucks and stick them in there ass.

  54. Cory

    Those guys at Sirius are F-Tards…..Ned Rules!

  55. Cuz

    THIS IS BULLSHIT. I am an over the road truck driver and how am I supposed to hear the show. Is there going to be a receiver that I can put in my truck so I can here the show while driving down the road? I cannot tie up my phone just to listen. And what the crap am I supposed to due with this worthlees lifetime subscription that I have with SiriusFU.
    FTE Bubba, dont forget your trucking friends. Cuz.

  56. Rick

    I,m a Canadian subscriber. I got sirius because of Bubba and no other. I’ve come to like stern as well, but with out Bubba it’s not worth it. For the first 3 years I had a U>S> subscription, then when I was sure we could get Bubba in Canada, I got a Canadian subscription. I called to cancel and was given half my yearly subscription back to stay on. I said I would stay on at the reduced rate for the year in the hopes that Bubba would be re-signed. I had the auto renew shut off and said I was done at the end this term is Bubba’s not back.

  57. Rick

    Hi Bubba , hope all is well . Were all very sad that a deal has not been made with Sirius .I have been a fan since your first days of sirius , even before Sirius came to Canada .We have missed you very much the last few days .Howard in the morning , Bubba in the afternoon , and Scotty Ferrall at night . Our routine is gone . I will continue to follow your website for up to date information on how to get your show in the future . SHAME ON YOU SIRIUS . From all your loyal listeners from the EAST COAST of Canada ,we wish Bubba and the Crew all the best .

  58. Oklahoma Joe

    Sirius is not the same without you!!! Cancelled my subscription today!!!

  59. Robert

    I have been a lister of Bubba Show since the beginning at 98 Rock days, He always been deemed the bad guy. The rude and crude shock jock. Bubba way to go, We all love guys. I followed him form 98 Rock to Xm to the F… Up Sirius. I don’t understand the business sense of Sirius cutting top talant like Bubba. Spending money on talent that 95% of the subscrition holders don’t even listen too. I know never listening to these TV stars on Sirius will surely be the failure of sirius in the long run. Sirius needs to get their head out of their as..s and drop the crap talent and beg bubba and pay him what he wants and deserves. Heck I would pay the subscription fee for the several radios paid for at sirius for just for him and his staff. Bubba Good luck and Sirius get your act together.

  60. Dan

    I am really gonna miss Bubba and the gang. Can’t say that I will buy the app for the phone or internet radio…just too much of a pain in the arse for a little entertainment during the work drive.

    I will, however, be canceling my sirius XM radios ASAP. It is just not worth it to me. Best of luck to the bubba show.

  61. Mark

    Hello from Oregon. I am a F.L.T.E. (full log trucker effect). I put in looooooooooong days and they just got longer with out Bubba and the boys. F sirius I canceled my subscription and mailed my equipment back to them to drive it home. Postage dew of course. I am in the process of getting everything to follow you to the new situation. Bubba army for life

  62. H


    FOE (full office effect). F sirius. Thank you for all the great shows on Sirius. You have made a lifelong fan here and I wish all the best. Sirius execs are no talent hacks with visions of grandeur paying ridiculous salaries for a ‘name’ only thinking that would drive sales..fail. Now they are back peddling and waking up from a 5 year bender wondering where all the money went and making cuts in all the wrong places.

    Looking forward to following you again when we can get back ‘bubba uncensored’

  63. bonz

    hi bubba…just putting my two cents in. i’ve been wondering what happened to your show. i checked in here and got the scoop. i decided to vent to sirius instead of write a sob story here…the following is my tirade, i couldn’t stop:
    my wife and i recently both purchased new Jeep(s)…hers had siriusXM ready, mine did not. she bought the lifetime package, so i have no reason to cancel, but i did want to voice my opinion on something. i got so addicted to Howard 100/101, i took over the payments on her vehicle and gave her mine. i haven’t changed the station 1 time in the 10 months i have been driving this car (100/101 ALWAYS!). Howard is almost a religion to me, but the replays can overlap and get boring…so i would turn to 101. Bubba grew on me, and if he wasn’t on ‘the best of’ would have to do. but now 101 kinda sucks…because that ‘little breath of fresh air’ Bubba isn’t on at all. granted he is no Howard, but better than any other talk shows and the music channels would have me flipping around constantly. i’m not sure of the circumstances of his absence from 101, but i can guess it had something to do with the new contract negotiations. i can also guess that since Bubba’s departure the stocks have gone down and the cancellation rate gone up. Howard is not going to last forever, in fact i’m kind of suprised he decided to re-up for five more. Bubba couldn’t carry his torch, but he could stand there and hold it. again, this is just one mans opinion…but there are a whole lot of us out here! keep satellite radio interresting and keep your job. cutting good services and increasing cost is the downfall of EVERY business (ask Blockbuster!). people want cheap and simple(and the customer is ALWAYS right), Howard and Bubba are about as ‘simple’ as you can get…maybe not cheap to you guys, but the money will come out of your pocket in subscriptions eventually if you cut a corner here or skimp on something there. you think i would work for a company that cuts my wages every year when the cost of living just keeps going up? i wouldn’t be able to afford your product/service. i could probably go on and on with this rant, but hopefully the point will occur to you sooner rather than later, because later is too late. BA-BA-BOEY and f Oprah(can’t stand her)!

    p.s. if you could plug my band website…myspace/boneyard4.
    lol, i’m thinking it would be a good test…we haven’t got a new friend in years. if you say something about it/us, it will give back some kind of data per the number of new hits/friend requests…i mean seriously!…who the F uses myspace anymore? this might be some kind of barometer to see how your IO thing is going. BONZ

  64. Randy

    Randy the bad ass
    WTF !!!!!! Yo Bubba F them in the ass cuss they don’t know good talent if it hits them in the face let them pay M-$$$$ for the shity Opra show let just get on in calie more like someone in LA got to put you on Yea!

    Randy the bad ass from Calif.

  65. Gordon King

    Need anything more be said ……………..

  66. E.J.Wilson

    F Sirius/xm. I’m done with them. I drive a gasoline tanker, listening to you al the time, keeping my mind from road rage. They wanna keep Oprah, Jackies joke hunt, bunch of other shit. Hope they bankrupt. They suck.Thanks for your years on Sirius though, you guys are awesome. Best of luck in your future. I’m with you guys.

  67. BRAD


  68. Kevin

    Well I am one of those full trucker effects. I live in New Port Richey FL, and I am a long distance truck driver. Used to love my XM with the sirrus deal. To get you guys to keep up whats going on at the home front. I have emailed the 101 channel thru XM asking what happened. NO answer now some BORING, LAME, SHIZ, Loop Feed. Be canceling my best of package not worth it anymore. Would cancel the whole dang thing but boring with nothing in the deserts.

  69. Mark Wilkes

    This is the biggest fup in the history in radio. I live in So. Fla. and Ive been cutoff. this sucks! 93.1 turned into some bullshit pop fin crap and sirius refused to pay you. Howard should be able to do something right? In the meantime i WILL remain in a bad mood

  70. tony

    f sattelite radio there a joke your gone now theres nothing to listen to howard gives us a three hour show plus gets massive amounts of vacation im over their shit cancelled my subscription today the hell with them we want bubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Steve from philly

    I don,t know why Howard don,t step up and tell them to give bubba what he deserve,s sirius will do what ever howard tells them to do thats bullshit to take an 80% pay cut there making alot of money 20 million people an they can,t give bubba the second best show on sirius afew bucks F OPRAH, MARTHA, MEL AND SCOTT GREENSTEIN CHEAP JERKOFFS PAY UP!!!!!!

  72. Robert

    FTE out of Thunder Bay On Canada Bubba, and Ihave to say this is bullshit. I am in the truck for 6 weeks at a time and the only thing that got me through the day was looking forward to hearing Bubba and the crew everyday. Listing to Howard replays sucks and when my subsription ends this month I will not be renewing. I canceled the subscription in my person vehicle and the Rig is next if you are gone for good. Sirus needs to pull their heads out their ass and get to work on signing you guys back up.

  73. Dale J


  74. Chris

    This show sould be back as the anchor of 101 and demands far more respect. The idea of them piping it in as a live morning show on 101 would be the best with a replay at noon and some best of in between. in my opinion this show would rival Howard ( no disrespect in any way to all that Howard has done in the industry). This show has grown and changed for the best over the years and the terestrial show is just as good as the sat show just more bleeping. Sirius made a huge mistake and I hope they wise up before it’s too late.

  75. Dave Malowski

    Too bad man. Now we nothing to listen to in Friendly Manitoba Canada. Sirus suck’s the big one. Used to listen in the tractor,combine,swather, and the semi. How in the f can I listen to you now, I don’t set at the computer , I farm. Can you work something out for your North of the border fan’s. From the Manitoba Madman

  76. Paul

    Really miss you guys on 101. Five years of having my ass entertained 10 hrs. a day has really got me spoiled. Now that Howard is done at 11 the rest of the day is spent trying to find something to fill the Bubba void. My 12 and 14 hour shifts have become a lot tougher to take. Thanks for the entertainment Bubba.

  77. Charles

    Guys….I will miss listening to you on Sirus. I have canceled 1 of my 3 subscriptions already and when the other 2 expire I will not renew them. I joined only for you guys before you came to Miami, was a Tampa listener.
    I do admire Howard but do not care enough for him to stay. I have made my auto Ipod ready for the future and will be back with you soon!
    I do not agree with your politics but respect your right to free speach…that is how you lost market in Miami, alot of my buddies were listening until you got so strong on the Democratic side that they turned away from you…I did also at first then came back after the elections….You provide good radio and I will always listen when I can!

  78. Randy

    Just shows that Howard may be a friend but he isn’t going to the mat for anyone. I started listening to Bubba thru Sirius and though I am not a racing fan, I find him funny as hell. I have never listened to Jamie Fox, Eminem, Oprah, Out Q, Martha or anyone else….Just Howard and Bubba.

  79. Pat field

    I dont get to listen as much as i would like next thing i knew you were gone i canceled 1 radio probably will do the other one when it is up! hopefuly they come back with a good offer!!

  80. ryder

    well three pm sucks no bubba if they put jason f tard ellis on i drop sirius howard need to do the right thing seems ferrel is next for the awipes to mess with HOWARD STEP UP AFTER ALL ITS YOUR NAME OR DID YOU SELL OUT WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS?

  81. lawrence

    i have listened to bubba and guy for years have sirius for music and bubba going crazzy with out you guys days r very long now beening fte will be looking for you on i ph but will not work in canada montains this is bull shit not happy LJ

  82. mark, from st.louis

    buba & gang, really love your show, f sirius! like we really needed dr. laura,,,wow. I will join you guys in april on my new android phone,,,,Go Ned & Bubba Army.

  83. TK

    I have 4 subscriptions to Sirius………. Initially This was to hear Howard as written above several times……! Without Bubba and Crew the stations are missing a huge amount of format. Howard is now doing less hours so now the stations have been aomewhat boring to the point where I am actually going bak and forth to Terrestrial Radio.believe it or not!! I am cancelling 2 of my family Subs at Sirius and subscribing to RadioIO once I know you will be there for a given time frame! Thanks for the great show guys!!! TK

    PS. I feel bad for all of the FTE out there..

  84. russell coker

    i used 2 like the bubba show but he started treating his listeners like they were idiots 4 tuning in ie “marks” he treats people like he’s better than them. i guess he got what he had coming. yes i must b a mark 4 knowing his “god’s” lingo. no hard feeling’s go b a local jock. pick this a part u know u will.

  85. MoxySwagger

    Sirius is retarded. If howard really had some pull around there, Bubba would be back

  86. chris

    as a fan i have to say the bubba show as getting very old. fake infighting ribs, same stunt stuff over and over, constant complaining about sirius and the terestrial bosses, i dont need to hear a 30 minute tirade about how your underpaind when most of your listeners might maybe 10% of your saliaries a year i would say your out of material, good luck with the new medium bubba, one step from pod casting. ellis at least is a bit more creative old dog out new dog in.

  87. Matt

    I miss you guys in a non-faggot way. I wish you guys would return to satellite radio. I’ve been listening to you guys since you started on Sirius. It is such a shame that nothing could be worked out.

  88. scott cook

    I have cancelled my subscription since Sirius has’nt singed you. This country is in trouble because Corporations like this are running this country. “We the people” need to take it back from these Corporations as well as Hollywood. I can’t stand either of them. I am cancelling subscritions in all my machines. I am a heavy equipment owner/operator all over the country. You are missed. Peace… Brother

  89. Jason

    I am very pissed that Sirius pulled this crap. As Howard pointed out, how many hours a year is Oprah actually on air and she gets millions. Bubba was on everyday and he gets screwed. If Howard didn’t resign I was going to cancel my Sirius.

  90. Sharon from Vegas

    I miss you guys so much on Sirius. Never thought you would really leave. I have been hanging on Howard’s every word hoping he will say your back. So far no deal. Guess I will have to mark out to you on this new gimmick RadioIO. Love you boys and I’m heading back to you as quick as I can! Gotta have my Bubba and the boys! :)

  91. scott from illinois

    F U sirius, this is total bullshit. BRING BUBBA BACK Bubba and the boys are the only reason i listen after howard. i cancelled my sirius subscription and these douche bags havent even turned off my radio, guess they are still trying to keep the stockholders happy. Grow some balls howard and demand bubba back……miss you hillbillys from florida in a non fag way..FU NED

  92. whitedevilx13

    well lets face it ,we listen to howard in the morning and then every three hours we get to hear it all over again 4 days a week and on the 5th 6th and 7th day we get to listen to the same thing all over again ,well you just saved me 150 bucks sirious thanks

  93. Jay from MO

    I have 4 Sirius subscriptions….I love (non faggot way)Howard, but he’s on vacation all the time. Not having Bubba and the crew on Sirius sucks. I usually watch Howard on the TV show. So I’m cancelling my subscriptions…not because you guys had to leave, but because Sirius did you wrong. Good luck Sirius with Oprah and Jamie…you;ll need it! FU Ned!

  94. Mike Watson

    I honestly think Bubba would not have been let go if he had keep his political comments to himself. The show took a turn for the worst when Bubba got himself involved with national and Florida politics. While he was shocking the puss and doing all the crazy things he was known for he was on the top of his game. I was sorry to see these things go by the wayside. I bought my Sirius for Howard Stern, Bubba was icing on the cake. I will miss Bubba but I think his non-renewal was his own doing…

  95. michael

    damn wtf happened was looking forward to more great radio didnt like you when you first came on the radio but damn I miss you guys in a nonfagget way. your much better than howard over rated they should pay you more and dump howard just not as good GOOD LUCK BUBBA AND THE GUYS

  96. Jim

    Sorry to hear you won’t be back on Sirius but glad to hear we can hear the show uncensored again. The Radio IO apps needs much work. Constantly dropping out, goes off when text or email comes in. Hard to think about shelling out 299.00 when we don’t know the app will work. But like a loyal fan I probably will since the rest of Radio besides Howard SUCKS!!

    Great work guys the show sounds awsome when the app is running.

  97. Mitch

    This is very similar to what happened to Artie. Howard will no longer try to get somebody back on the show if it requires him ACTUALLY putting his ass out there. Artie was fired for “suspected drug abuse” (not really suspected) and Howard did nothing.. then stayed silent after Artie’s suicide attempt.

    Howard said he was doing “everything in his power” to get Bubba back on Sirius, but what he really meant was to ignore his phonecalls and pretend he never existed. Two-faced Howard.

  98. ron mccarthy

    a bird will fall frozen dead from a bough with out ever having felt sorry for it’s self … NED RULES !!!!!!!

  99. Dan MacGillivary

    Stupid izasses. FTE outa Canada and been a customer of sirius for 6 years and was so disapointed when I heard that shizit. I have 3 radio subscribtions and will be reduceing it to just one real quick . they might as well shut 101 off now its a waste of air space. except for miserable men . Bubba all the best.

  100. russ

    lot of people disrespecting the king. they all say he sucks but all know exactly what he’s is saying they hang on his every word. bubba treated his listeners like crap and got the boot. up yours bubba u are forgotten,back 2 localville. be a better person and life will treat u better i know u have everything,not the biggest stage 2 sell yourself.

  101. karl

    GOOD ON YALL!!!!! im not gunna get rid of my radio, my 2pm-6pm (central for u retards)is spent with bubba wonka! piss on sirius/xm thier loss!!!!! bubba you did what was best for you and the guys! if they cant figure that out bad on them!!!!

  102. Dave

    Sirius are you out of your minds!!!!!

    BTLS is way better than Howard and the only reason I have been listening. Good-bye dick heads……………..

  103. Rob

    I have been in the bush working for 3+ months and wondering why you weren’t on… Now I know…
    My subscription runs out in april and was considering letting it go…
    This turn of events made it real easy to make that decision a reality…
    You were about the only thing left on serious even worth tuning in for…

    I bought sirius about 4 years ago being drawn in by the commercial free radio and then I discovered BUBBA… I never looked back

    With you gone and and most of the music I like to listen to just in a 2 hr loop… I am done with Siruis

  104. Joe

    I Miss Bubba. Howards channels are definately missing a huge asset. Since Bubba has left it has been kinda lame, expecially now that Howard is sticking to his contractual agreement of a 4hr show. I sure wish comming back to Sirius would be in the cards.

  105. Derek

    Screw Sirius. Bubba had the best show on satellite radio!!! FTE BABY!!! and do we ever miss Ned!

  106. JOHN

    Just got off the phone with Sirius and cancelled my subscription. I told them it was because Bubba was not on here anymore, he was trying to tell me they have alot of great programming in which I stopped him and told him they HAD great programing but I am not paying Oprah’s wage so cancel my subscription.

  107. Darcy

    I live in canada, and was a die hard for bubba. I run heavy equipment and don’;t always get local radio stations, so sirius is best for myself, but not having bubba on the air is really making me think about whether it is worth spending the money on the otherr shitty so called radio talent WE NEED BUBBA BACK

  108. Stephen

    I think it’s sad that Sirius would rather pay someone for name recognition rather than talent. There are 2 reasons Sirius is listenable, Howard Stern and Bubba The Love Sponge. And quite frankly, Howard’s schedule is too erratic to warrant a subscription by himself. At least with Bubba there was always one of the two to listen to. Subscription is now cancelled. I can honestly say I won’t miss Martha Stewart, Jamie Foxx, or any of other countless wanna be radio personalities. Congrats Sirius, you f’d over your listeners again to save a few bucks and in the meantime are paying for unlistenable content just to have a name attached to it. Hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you pay Judge Judy millions for a channel or Justin Beiber. I’m sure because their names are recognizable that must make them radio gold….you bunch of f’in numbskulls!


    you no its to bad they cut bubba,i thought Sirius was going some where,its like the rich get richer and the upper middel class cant get a break,listening to howard is not the same.thanks for the years we got to hear you.

  110. Marshall

    Bubba gets screwed over by surius and Howerd is suing for more money, as if he doesnt have enough,but I have had enough of Howard as the show is lame without Bubba and I am going to cancel my subscription and listen to Bubba again

  111. Eric Wilson

    Who is Howard Stern I never listen to him, may we say has been! What is a Howard Stern and why pay him a 100 million. Well you stupid if you did. Bubba is now and the future. Bubba reaches everybody black or white, rich or poor. Bubba relates, Howard does not do that…Bubba underrated, Howard overrated!!!

  112. kurt karchmer

    your show was awesome on sirius.
    how in the hell did they hire oprah and she never was live and never a radio / person.
    sirius mis spent and over paid.
    than got cheap for the wrong reasons.

    love the show.
    how can i hear you now in 10/2011 ?
    your fan

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