Will Peter Quill’s father make an appearance in Guardians 2???

December 11th, 2014 by Staff

What's next for the Guardians of the Galaxy crew in the sequel.

(International Business Times) NEW YORK – Movie buffs can expect some changes in the character of the superheroes in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2″ and some secrets relating to Peter Quill’s father and his relationship to Yondu may be revealed in the upcoming movie.

Warning – Spoiler Alert!!!

Readers, who have watched “Guardians of the Galaxy,” know that the superheroes in the movie cannot be described in black or white terms. The characters are all seen working for their self-interest but end up fighting to save the galaxy. Speaking toComicBookResources, James Gunn revealed that the character of the superheroes will continuously change in the movies.

The director said that the fans will get to explore the character of each superhero in the upcoming movie with a new story line. He said that while the fans may have a certain perception about the superheroes but that perception may change in the upcoming movie. The character of some superheroes may appear to be better while the character of the others may appear to be worse in the upcoming movie.

James Gunn also said that the superheroes that emerged as the fan favorites after the first movie may not remain favorites after “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.” The director reportedly wants to take the story forward and does not want the characters in his movie do the same things over and over.

The director also revealed that there is some history between Peter Quill’s father and Yondu. One of the big questions that fans of the franchise have is the identity of Peter Quill’s father. The first movie did not reveal much about the character but some details are expected to be revealed in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

Another interesting note from the director was about the planet Xandar. The director said that he wanted to explain the difference between the culture of Xandar and that of Kree. Readers should note that the main villain in the first movie, Ronan, was from Kree and the people in planet Xandar were seen as the good guys who were in need of protection. But the director said that the people of Xandar are not really as good as the fans have come to believe.

A lot of written material is already said to be read for “Guardians of Galaxy 2.” The plot of the movie and the cast in the movie has so far not been officially confirmed by the producers. Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for more details about the movie.

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