Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Rays choked last night.
John in California wonders if Brent is on pills, Bubba said no.
Bubba decides to scrap the Tyler’s picks segment.
Emails: Listener got a license plate reading “NedRulz”, both the left
and the right are screwing us over, Blind Lawrence with some
information saying that Bubba originally sang in “The Wizzard of
Izzozz” (“Bubba Show lassics Vol. 9” track 3, and “Manson’s Greatest
Hits” track 22), and the memos about 9/11 were mentioned in a Manson
bit “George W Bush The Game” (not in the catalog), and a guy wonders
why Bubba likes female teachers on male students.
Manson thinks Lawrence is like an encyclopedia, Bubba likes how
Lawrence knows Manson’s stuff better than him.
Audio clip – Rapist taunts victim by saying he has HIV.
Audio clip – Psychitrist had sex with patients.
New Randy Newman song “I’m Dreaming of a White President”, the guys
think there’s nothing there.
Audio of the 50 Shades of Gray author discussing her books.
Ned said that a fourth installment of “50 Shades of White Trash” will
be coming soon.
Ned’s “50 Shades of white Trash” parts 1-3.
Top five countdown – Raygay.
Bubba thanked The Woodsman for cleaning “George W The Game”.
Caller originally from Jamaica said that a lot of people have a tough
time understanding the accent.
Carl asked Bubba about Spanish music, Bubba sarcastically said that
he’ll do that genre next week.
Grady said his Dad was the one who ate the pig nuts at the Road Kill
BBQ (February 27, 2001), he is now in the hospital with a heart
attack, Bubba wished him and his family the best.
Grady requested two songs, he was denyed, Bubba remembered the time
when a kid called him on the Power Pig and asked him to play a song
for his Cousin, he denyed the request, he thinks he got in more
trouble when he told the kids to gather around the radio, then told
them there’s no Santa.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Barry H. Obama”.
Audio clip – Top five TV theme show songs.
Manson’s “George W The Game”. The bit is a video game account of
George W. Bush’s career from draft dodger to his presidency. The bit
ends with the prediction that Bush would catch Bin Laden, and that
Hillary Clinton will be President, taking us into war with China.
Wired up Brent and Manson each gave their College football picks for
this weekend.
Audio clip of Mike Francesa falling alseep during his show.
Audio clip Ford CEO introduces new car.
Audio clip – government chopper used to deliver a message for a date,
bubba thinks this would be a problem.
Ned’s “Helicopter Donut” (“The Fat and The Furious” disc 2 track 18,
“ned Only” track 13, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 21).
Audio clip – People outraged over Muslims.
Bubba said that he’s heard that Joe Biden took a helicopter to
Dellaware just to play Golf.
Bubba thinks Ned has done the most bits about Muslims, he wondered
what would be his stiffest elements concerning the subject; he is
shocked that Ned’s commentary on Muhammad was so shocking that Sirius
said no to it. (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 15”, track 18).
Ned’s “Muslim Rap Group Phone Call” (“Morning dominaton” disc 1 track
4, “Ned Only” track 6, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 3”, track 12). Ned
calls various Muslim people with ideas for rap songs. He parodied the
following songs in this order:

1.      “Roleout” by Ludachris
2.      “ugly” by Bubba Sparxx
3.      “Country Grammar” by Nelly
4.      “hot in Here” by Nelly
5.       “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
6.      “Bust a move” by Run DMC
7.      “Respect” by Aritha Franklin

Ned’s “Set the Koran on Fire” (“Bubba show Classics Vol. 19”, track 17).
Dock, fabricator of the stars has a design for the Muslims.
Audio clip – Inmate says he’s too fat for exicution.
Audio clip – woman attempted to decapitate her husband with a saw.
Chad said there’s a magazine that prisoners can order stuff from.
Wired up Brent said he got rid of his land in Navada.
Audio clip – Stand-up for kids founder arrested for touching kids.
Audio clip – Woman arrested for helping her daughter with vandelizing
the neighbor’s house.
Audio clip – Doctor wants apology after being wrongfully accused of
cocaine and sex.
Audio clip – Guy dies with $7,000,000 worht of gold coins.
Bubba wants his ahses spread from the start to finish line at BRP; Ned
wants to be propped up in the corner when he dies.
Ned’s Load – “Get your Sheep On” (“Public enema #1” disc 2 track 2,
“Ned Only” track 2, “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2” track 2, and “Ned’s
Misc Hits Vol. 1” track 21).
Woman stabbed man after he refused sex with her, she said that she
would cry rape if he went to the hospital.
Chef faitally kills himself in front of employees.
Egyptian warrents issued against Terry Jones, the pastor who was going
to burn the Koran.
The company that released the Romney video hosts wild parties.
Audio clip of itt Romney talking off camera.
Carnival worker molested children. Show:

Bubba said that he and Ned were there, he was busy with some other
stuff at the time.
Isreal said he was listening to the top five raygay songs, he then
realized that he was 3 hours behind, Bubba said “fuck that shit”.
Isreal said he hasn’t gotten an email yet, Bubba tld him he has until
Friday, Isreal said he’s always listening.
Bubba asked for someone to give him a 3-5 minute bit, he has a lot of
sit to deal with.
Spice and Caren Angle phone sex tape, he ends up zipping up…
Emails: Listener wants to go for 3rd party, Listener thinks Howard
Stern is right with a reasoning why to vote for Obama, Gary Eppenbaugh
wrote in with some Warsaw sports, Listener marked out to Jesse James
Dupree, FTE from Austrailia said he’ll blast his horn for the Bubba
Army if Bubba reads this message, and a listener wonders who the
female voice is on the show that does the bumpers. Bubba said her name
is Mandy Rivers.
Dorian bond said he got some Canadian kechup, he said he’s getting his
plane ticket to the party this week.
Nipple stimulation activates the same nervs as clitoris stimulation.
Bruce from Planet X said he’ll be coming to the party; he then marked
out to the merch department, he then talked about the newest sex toys.
Ned said that if Bubba could get a shot of Janie Cake’s tits, he’ll do
a specialty show for the fans.
Bubba called up Janie Cakes, but no go, Tara suggested Bubba try her cell phone.
Bubba dialed Jane’s cell phone, she picked up, she was cleaning.
Bubba said he’ll be following her around to try and get a shot, he
then said that Ned described Janie’s ariolos as paper plate like, Jane
said that for a woman her age she has nice tits.
Bubba asked if Jane is shaving herself, Jane said there’s a little
landing strip, Ned booed this, Tara thinks Jane is up to speed.
Ned then described his idea of what Jane and Jeff do sexually, he
thinks Tarlick falls out of the closet with an errection, launching
“filthy Egyptian semen” all over everything, Jane thinks Ned is “One
sick asshole”.
Jane then described her daily rootine, Bubba thinks he’s glad he
didn’t apply himself, as ane probably would’ve never met Jeff.
John in Port Orange came out to BRP over the weekend, he loved it.

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