Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Facebook friend of the day is Yosef Michel of Brooklyn, New York.
Bubba wonders why the Rays always lose when a team has a perfect game.
Emails: Guy is impressed with Greeny from im’s Harley Davidson,
listener almost peed himself listening to the Ned call about cops
using a helicopter making a donut run (“The Fat and The Furious” disc
2 ttrack 16, “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1” track 21, and “Ned Only” track
13), various listeners are impressed with the speed of the shipping on, guy asks if “I Don’t Want Romeny” is on iTunes (not up
yet, but it is in the downloads section of, and michelle
Williams removed some tweets about killing the white man.
Bubba read an article about dating that takes place every two weeks.
The three biggest turn offs for men and women, Bubba talked about
dealingg with someone with the worst breath ever.
Bubba plugged Everglades Farm Equiptment.
Regina Hunter in studio, Dr. Joe Saturley is missing in action.
Jamie said he’s supposed to get child support, but his ex hasn’t sent anything.
Caller says he has to pay child support for longer, as his daughter
has flunked some high school classes, holding her back a year.
Email: Cousin’s husband left her and wants a divorce.
Neil said Regina is one of his good friend’s lawyers, he was awarded
custody, only $200 for child supprt, $100 per child, his ex has only
paid twice.
Caller said that his ex wife hid a pregnancy from him, as well as
maxing out several credit cards, as well as signed his name to several
credit cards.
Russ said he got a paternity test from 8 years ago, Regina said the
guy is on the hook, the courts used to go back since birth, now it’s
only 2 years.
John in Ft. Meyers said his wife took him off child support.
Ross has been with a woman for a while, he said he is going to mary
her next year, Bubba was heard saying “Don’t do it”.
Billy said his girlfriend got evicted from her house, she’s an
alcoholic and has all three of Billy’s kids, Bubba Eviled him for
taking too long, he thinks this segment is just white trash who can’t
afford to go in front of a judge.
Ned’s Load – “Bulldike Barbie” (“Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1” track 6)
Bubba hates the microphone arm.
Ned has a new No Net he’ll be doing today called “Bend Over”.
Audio clip – man arrested for fondiling a woman, then masturbated
while in custody.
Audio clip – Chad Johnson gets fired from the Miami Dolphins.
Bubba thinks that messing with women, children and animals when you’re
in the spotlight is never good, he then recaps how he would’ve fired
Ned said he would’ve poked holes in the footballs the kickers use.
Bubba said that Ty jay Armstrong texted him saying that Ned was cracking him up.
Caller said that he watched a few episodes of “hard Knocks”; Chad said
he was going to get arrested.
Chris in Tampa thinks the only ting missing on the cream machine is
the ice cream horn; he then did “Pop Goes The Weezle”.
Dan finds it strange that Bubba had to leave his house; Bubba said
that was only for 60 days.
Bubba played a bit of “Come Over” by Kenny Chesny.
Bubba messed with Ned’s settings; he then did a scene with Ned where
he acted as a football player who was going to get fired.
Ned then did his song “Bend Over”, a tymbal was played at the end; he
was amazed he was able to do it.
Audio clip – Joe Gibs said he likes tight ends.
Bubba said that he has met Joe Gibs before; he says Joe is very religious.
Audio clip – Milky Cabraya suspended for 50 games for roids.
Audio clip – Chelsey handler’s show canceled.
Bubba thinks the woman who delivers the news from Hollywood scoop must
have pictures of someone.
Audio clip – Debra LaFave back on probation.
Bubba doesn’t get how her claim of being too pretty for prison works.
John on protection said that he went to school with her, everyone wanted her.
Audio clip – A Russian rock band Pussy Riot got arrested for protest songs.
Audio clip – Sandusky writing his 2nd book.
Ned’s “Then You Raped Me”.
Audio clip – Sarah Palin suggesting Hilary Clinton instead of Joe Biden.
Manson’s “white Trash Girl” (“The Clemulus Pakage” disc 4 track 22,
“Bubba’s New and isc hits Vol. 6” track 4, and “Political CD”, track
Bubba said that Brent tracked down the number of the guy who had sex
with Debra LaFave.
Twenty-five tried the number, it was a working number, but it went to voicemail.
Bret said he hadn’t talked to Tara in awhile, Bubba wondered what the
guy was doing.
Audio clip – priest arrested for child molestation.
Manson’s “Thank God I’m An Altar Boy” (“Bubba Show classics Volume
14”, track 15.
Audio clip – Mitt Romney on Cuban radio.
Audio clip – blind dog shot at it for target practice, Bubba didn’t
like how the news didn’t explain.
Audio clip – teacher had sex with five students.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Don’t Mess Around with Clem” (“Public Enema
#1” disc 1 track 18”, and “Bubba Show classics Vol. 4”, track 23).
Greg in California said he’s a big fan of the show, he said Tom
Leykis, Bubba said he has a lot of respect for him. Show

Bubba said he has a dilemma. He has to poop, manson is at the Doctors,
Ned is on a lunch run, and Twenty-five is seeing spots on his eyes.
Jeremey in Tennessee came on, Bubba played samples of his podcast, he
thinks it’s cheesy, he gave him some pointers, he said most of regular
radio isn’t live.
Jeremey then talked about, he has sex with three girls from it.
Ned’s “Delta Dildo” (“I’m A Big Fat Greasy Bitch (remastered version)”
track 20, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 2”, track 19).
Bubba played some music from “The Black Haunkies”, a group who is
auditioning to play at the Christmas party, he wants some covers.
Bubba said if you’d like to go to the christmas party, just email him,
he then said he’ll be hiring a security firm, he’ll also make people
check their phones at the door, he suggests participants fly in on
Sunday the 16th, he has some activities planned. Christmas party the
17th, Tuesday the 18th will be a BBQ during the day, Heather Wiz will
host a Bubba fan roundtable in the evening with just girls, the 19th
will have a day activity, followed by another installment of the Super
fan roundtable, with guys.
Bubba then listed everyone who he has approved.
Dan and Pete from Canada, Robb in Winterhaven, John Anderson in
Michigan, Allan from Indiana, Buck from memphis, Bruce from Planet X,
Bonnie from Buffalo Grove, Mark an early enlister, Joe from ATNT,
Wendy the Plumber, Luke from Orman Beach, Airforce Keith, Brandon
Thornhill, Scott Rogers in Dellaware, Rick from Jacksonville, Adam
from Trinity, Mike Mellano, Jeremey in Tennessee, Emily and Michael
from North Carolina, Cynthia, Todd, Blind james, Ron in austin, Scott
Landers, Luis in DC, and Deadwood Al.
Bubba hasn’t heard from Joe the Super mark, Twenty-five isn’t sure if
he even has email.
98 Rock talkbreak where Nilla loses his virginity.
Bubba thanked everhyone for understanding; he then said he completely
forgot what he was going to talk about.
Audio clip – HIV Positive youth pastor accused of having sex with minors.
Bubba said that Liberty Media, the company that baled out Sirius XM,
they’re very close to gaining control of the company.
Brent thinks Liberty will take over Sirius XM, bubba thinks that would
be there only chance back.

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