Thoughts on the Awesome Kong/Bubba the Love Sponge Situation

May 7th, 2010 by

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  1. yuradik

    what a f.n tool !! shut up !!! you look like a bucked tooth Q-tip!!!!

  2. Chinchecker

    Bro,you are a fool.You ramble about nothing that has to do with this topic.Bubba does so much for the black community.Bubba is nowhere near racist,maybe a little dim-whitted but not racist.Do you realize you are crying about a fake event.To call Bubba a looser is laughable.What have you accomplished other tahn a ridiculous beard and a garbage apartment while being a toilet cleaner.Do the world a favor and disappear!

  3. Russell

    aaaaaannd…. uuuuuuuuuuuhhh… dialogue of a genius

  4. Tim

    What a bunch of f*cking mizzarks.

  5. ChainSAW

    Oh my god your calling Bubba a fing loser what are you 36 or 37 and your still doing this shit “GET A LIFE SR THE BUMS LOST THE BUMS LOST GET A JOB!” By the way fag
    F HATI

  6. Thomas Roberts

    Seriously ..Why do people open their mouths and show how stupid they are ..this guy is an idiot ..rambling on and on about nothing that really has to do with Bubba ..Bubba is no where near being a racist..blah blah blah blah …5 min in and this guy stll has said nothing LOL…your the man Bubba and TNA f’d up!!!!!!!!

  7. Jdizz

    This guy has NO IDEA what he’s talking about. Sorry but NO WAY i’m giving this guy 9 minutes. At 4 minutes, I had a migrane. This guy is just a mark… With a mancrush on the fat Kong… I mean, this couldnt be any worse to watch… TORTURE…. I hate people who talk smack on a topic they have no idea about.. If he’s NEVER listened to Bubba, how is he such a Bubba expert. This guy is a mental wreck, and Kong is a fat Warren Sapp with dreads… 2 broken pieces of shizz…

  8. zeke

    I think its total horse shit that bubba got fired because of that issue (awesome kong). On tna the have a guy called black machchismo and the black pope but that’s okay???? what bullshit.

  9. Ned

    This stupid f… needs to listen to what Bubba said about Haiti. What a MARK. Get a life. And meeting Awesome Kong seems to be a big deal. Discussing your useless f’ing life like someone gives a shiz.

    F TNA and all its loser audience.

    Ned Rules

  10. Pete S

    and so end another commentary from the president of the Down Syndrome debate team. You should listen to Bubba,he is not racist,Give his show a try,if u have a set of balls,not the fake ones like in wresting,u may actually get a FING CLUE!! And all u ass hole stop moving to Florida!! Jaws and Lake Placid the movie is real!!

  11. mark

    wow wow you guys got all this time to defend someone and talk shit about someone u dont know bubba cant be that bad of a guy with many friends in wwe ,tna ,nfl,mlb.nhl,law inforcement,movies,and so on.and the many bubba army members across america.including us in upstate ny.all tna did was cover their ass by back dooring bubba so they didnt get sued because hes was employed by them.whats the world comming to when u cant say the word black or bitch.but its ok to be black and assualt someone for saying their oppinion on haiti.tell u what lets kick the shit outta everyone who voices their opinions.duhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. sam y

    wow this guy really thinks he is talking to people who give ashit about a fake ass secound rate promotion like tna he looks like a chimp with no hair and huge chicklets for teeth what a fing tard

  13. clayton

    Hey Bugs bunny! Your opinion really means as much as your jersey. This guy needs to quit ranting. Get off Youtube you fing RASH, your the fen failure that obviously has no job, you ignorant prick. Good thing is I know Bubba won’t give a shit about white harlems opinions.

  14. dennis rodman

    Wow!!! Bubba, Bubba, Wow! Joe the boston supermark. Lay off this dude, he actually met her at a chinese resturaunt and got her picture.

  15. brooke

    Just when you think you’ve met every ignorant son of a b*tch out there, YOu meet one more that tops them all off.
    What a Ma-roon!

  16. Dangerous

    Nostra-dumbass called it. He knew all along…was not suprised…blah, blah, blah. Rocket scientist material.

  17. MJ Sucks


  18. nedsnuts

    this guy looks like he might be some sort of weird spawn from Brent, Tom the tree man, and Garnet in some crazy invetro fertilization lab experiment!

  19. ukme

    Dude grow some hair turn off the YouTube and put the dick down get a life get a woman And just in case you don’t know wrestling is (FAKE) f-ing loser.
    Hay want to buy a statue in New York I got one real cheap ?

  20. myturbinezdurty

    Props to Awesome Kong he said! And he called Bubba a loser> And he”s talking about going to all these fights> What a fing Mark!Lives at his momma house! F HAITI!!!!!!!!!!!!! F AWESOME KONG (aka Fat Black Bitch) F TNA!!!!! F DIXIE!!!!!!!! F THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Joel

    I watched 2 minutes of his video and threw my computer down and ran straight in to the wall!AHHHHHH, that was much better than watching the last part of that video.
    Really dude is this what you do all day?

  22. Dick Bukaki

    on may 14 sirius show how did ned comment on the comic book after he left the studio? serious shenanigans by btls. not sure why tho.

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