The Car Store Needs Your Help!

May 6th, 2010 by

Here’s the link for sending your email to the Hillsborough County Commissioners along with a map of the districts they represent:

Dear Mr./Ms. (Name of Commissioner),

This Tuesday May 11th, 2010 you are conducting a Zoning Meeting at 9 AM. At issue is zoning application number MM 10-0166, Todd and Shellie Herndon, owners of The Car Store located at 804 East MLK. This business is in compliance with the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicle License. They sell trucks that have flatbeds or ladders for working people in our area that has a direct impact on local jobs. The Car Store is a business the community as a whole is proud of as it contributes to the local economy and tax base.

The request made in this application is slight, and should be approved. This is just common sense, and wouldn’t even slightly disturb any other businesses. The Car Store is a viable local business that should be supported, especially, in this economic situation that the entire country finds itself in. The general public will not notice at all if you approve this application, however, if you don’t the negative impact will be noticed immediately by your constituents.

Please make this a simple, easy decision, and just approve application number MM 10-0166. Allow a business that is a credit to the community to continue to serve their customers.


Name and Town.

5 Responses

  1. Shellie Herndon

    Bubba Army, I need your help!! Lets show these commissioners that the community supports The Car Store! I need to be able to sell the “working man” the trucks that help him make $$$$!!! Thank you in advance for your emails and phone calls to the commissioners!
    Shellie Herndon

  2. Pete Stone

    If this is Florida law,then why is code enforcement guy being such a pain? Let her sell the truck. Specify by G.V.W.R. not what bed or add ons are on the truck.

  3. michael mccarthy

    I agree with The Car Shop.. There is NO Difference between truck and these trucks WILL GO UNOTICED…!!!!

  4. josh blankley

    Im sending a email cause im going out of buisness and nobody is helping me

  5. Shellie Herndon

    Thank you Bubba Army! Please keep the emails going in to the Commissioners and the phone calls!!! We can win this with everyone’s support!! This is our last day to make a difference!!!

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