Thank you TNA for firing Bubba The Love Sponge®

May 13th, 2010 by

10 Responses

  1. Steven Bravo

    This guy sounds like a retarded version of Tim Gunn

  2. Clayton

    Hey homo get off TNA’s dick, ya cum gussler.
    Nice openner on the video though. It’s a good cover up for your lisp. I totaly understand why this homo watches wrestling now.

  3. Corey

    this guy is a wanker. ooh u are soo cool u said sh!t wow. Grow up u weener u are not a reporter. u suck bubba is not a racist he has a black man on his show and Ernest Graham did a commorcial spot for him u are a freak.

  4. fan of 88

    you have to be f@!#ing redarted

  5. Tom

    Without Bubba TNA will not last long on Spike TV. What are you idiots going to do when you have no TNA at all? Still going to be a good idea to fire him?

  6. jdig

    theres a reason why there is no video of this guy he is a fu*&(*^^ retard

  7. sam

    holy shiz does this guy sound as gay as a guy can get i bet all that cum he swallowed made his voice sound so smooth and poetic

  8. David

    LoL TNA is on its way to podcast jones once they get dropped from tv for bad ratings… Douche

  9. mike

    This guy is the best thing on radio ever! The Bubba the love sponge show is the realest bunch of guys ive ever heard and they have proven themselves time and time again. Yall are a bunch of marks and haters that cant handle the truth! BUBBA ARMY MOTHER F_CKERS

  10. steve

    Hey douchebag you are such a mark for a fake so called sport that you dont know what is real. Bubba is real, thats why you dont like him. And for that skanky whore you got in the beginning. Nasty.

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