October 5th, 2010 by Staff

GH Commercial Trim $100,000 Custom Kitchen Sweepstakes

The purchase of one ticket allows the purchaser the right to one GH Commercial trim t-shirt labeled on the back with feeding america and SPCA,along with one ticket clearly labeled with the contest entrants number clearly labeled. If a purchase is received with the reference of a previous entrants name and number attached to the order, the customer who referred the sale will receive an additional numbered ticket entry in the giveaway.Increasing that customers chances of winning!!!

The contest includes, but is not limited to one custom kitchen.The $100,000 limit set forth by the contest rules is however, limited to labor and material only.Which is further explained in the following rules.

All proceeds beyond cost and expenses will be donated to the following charities… Feeding America, and the SPCA, and a charity of the contest winners choice in the event that the winner so chooses to forfeit their winnings.

The $100,000 custom kitchen giveaway includes, hand made custom cabinets, and custom doors to be priced in accordance with fair market price for the specific species of wood chosen by the contest winner, and any added attachments such as crown, light rail etc. It also includes any remodeling or reconfiguring of an old design that the contest winner may want changed, as long as all work to be done falls into the $100,000 budget set forth by the contest limits.

All permitting, and charges incurred through permitting, will be part of the $100,000 budget set forth by the contest limits.

In the event that the contest winner has already had a recent remodel done to their kitchen, the contest winner can apply the $100,000 budget to another portion of their home, as long as the remodel is within the existing structure of the contest winners home(no additions).And also that the remodel falls within the $100,000 contest giveaway budget limits.

In the event that the contest winner is not in need of any remodeling, the contest winner can pass on the giveaway to a family member,friend, or charity of their choice. If the contest winner chooses to donate the giveaway to a charity, the donation will be made in the contest winners name.

If the contest winner chooses to give the rights of the contest away to another party( family,friend, charity) they must do so in whole, forfeiting any work to be done to the contest winners home.the $100,000 budget set forth by the contest rules, apply to the same.The $100,000 budget is to be spent on labor, materials, permitting, and cost incurred through permitting

All entries must be made by Sat 12/01/2011.through ghcommercialtrim.com
The contest drawing will take place on 12/15/2011 at a location TBA.
Need not be present to win.
Winner must be 18 years of age or older
Winner agrees to allow ghcommercialtrim to use name and likeness to promote future giveaways.


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