Teach Me How To Brent

November 5th, 2010 by Staff

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  1. Dragonspire

    I think she is 16 lol

  2. Tizwicky

    STOP clowning Brent! He dances just like all of us 40+ white guys. He’s having fun, leave him alone and stop putting this crap on the web site, the poor guy deserves his privacy!

  3. Joe

    I thought there was supposed to be a super hot black chick in this video cause all i see is a floating bald, white head and equally floating pair of hands. Its so dark in the video and brent is getting wide enough that he completly blocks out any view of this black chick.

  4. scott

    I was looking for Brent and just see him bobbing around…maybe the end of an eraser on a number two pencil. Not as impressed with the video now that I have scene it.

  5. Smitty

    Brent’s awesome.. Hey, Tizwicky.. He’s a public figure and probably laughing about this too.

    Dude, you don’t need to protect him like he’s Sloth from the Goonies.

    Unless your his Mother. C’mon – It’s funny (ain’t half bad for a white guy)

  6. Kevin

    This is bullshit! Brent goes out to have a good time, and never expects that some jobber is recording him. Don’t u hate it when the day after the party, some asshole’s got pict of u all over twitter an facebook? C’mon!
    Don’t be “that bitch”

  7. NELY

    Brent I love you brother but this is kinda funny.

  8. Chuck

    That was not bad at all. That being said, I would like to see what Brent has on Bubba!

  9. Thomas Johnson

    I’m to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt. Goddamn RIGHT SAID FRED!

  10. Tuddle's Wife

    HAHAHAHA HOLY **** that is funny as ****, not as funny as how they broke it down on the air though.

    LEAAAVE BRENT ALOOOONE! ok gotta go back to ******* 25 before Tuddle gets home.

  11. doug

    Damn Brent!! Get down brother, LMFAO I feel for ya and the shit bubba and the boys are going to be giving you for the next few weeks

  12. Preston

    That looks just like me when I dance….

  13. Mike

    I think its Nosferatu……

  14. tomthetrashman

    ok so brent cant dance leave him alone hes having fun

  15. Jason

    Way to go Brent!!

  16. Dan

    Go Brent.. It’s your birthday.. Gonna party like it’s your birthday… Love it.

  17. Flat Spott

    I know that Brent is up in the mid ages and all, but don’t ya’ll think that 25cent could give him some dance lessons or at least tell him to just stand there and let the women dance ON HIM…

  18. Andrea

    Since the lighting is so bad in the video, can yall have 25 cent re-enact “teach me how to brent” ???? lol

  19. Garron

    Brent is a tool, He better hope nothing ever happens to bubba, his pompus ass could never do anything. too bad the cops look the other way at his drug use. I would love to see him in jail…lol

  20. JustAnotherSally

    GREAT to see Brent having fun!

  21. snaperdawg

    2 dark 2 watch

  22. Sal the Stock Broker

    Brent could of raped the broad and there still wouldn’t be taped evidence because you can’t see shit.

  23. Joe

    Bald and white = bad dancing

  24. Bradleycsocal

    Boy talk about a work!!! This could be any 40 year old guy at a club. It was funny talking about it on the show but the video doesn’t even make me crack a smile. But I always love a Brent Concert….Brent Brent Brent….Brent Brent Brent….Brent Brent Hatley

  25. Bradleycsocal

    On second viewing….B-rad from Mali-Booty called and Brent’s wigger license has been revoked

  26. Bradleycsocal

    (smile cracked) Who is the bald white guy in the picture??? Daniel Carver’s son on parole.

  27. Bradleycsocal

    Alright it is funny

  28. The Diesel

    BWHahahahaa…oh, shit. Greatest.dance.moves.ever.

  29. Adam Wilson

    You dance better than me Brent! That ain’t nothin to get worked up over.

  30. Patrick

    Hey Brent, you go brotha! Don’t let the guys clown you!

  31. jim

    looks like uncle fester on ecstasy doing the monster mash!

  32. FatNiggaCock

    I’d love to grind Brent hard on the dance floor and put my meat on his big bald head

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