Strobe Girls June 2010!!!

June 23rd, 2010 by Staff

I know it has been a while but we are bringing back the Strobe Girls of the month to

Make sure you check out Strobe Magazine to subscribe and thank them for loaning us there girls for BTLS.

Samantha Salem

Ashley Slaton

Ashley Alexa

Alesha Bentley

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9 Responses

  1. Bob Foster

    Girls are hot keep up the good work as will I

  2. bill mcdougall

    **** it, they’re all hot

  3. Jessica

    SAMANTHA SALEM has the best ass by far, but her face is a little busted compared to Alesha Bentley. Overall, miz Bentley gets my vote, very nice

  4. Becky

    Come on guys and gals…Ashley Alexa is so hot, lets get her to the top of the list!!

  5. Brad

    First girl has the most incredible thick thighs and ass! She wins because of her assets

  6. Cain

    Alesha Bentley always. I’ve loved her for a long time now.

  7. Joe

    Samantha Salem wins for sure. I think the pictures posted are squoshed together and makes her face look weird. She’s ******* gorgeous in all her other pictures and in real life. I saw her once at a meet & greet. Samantha Salem gets the vote by a long shot.

  8. Alexabe

    Alesha bentley is the hottiest of them all!!?

  9. boss

    bentley is the hottest…by fARRR

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