Drugs at School

April 24th, 2009 by admin


Two Warren Township fifth-graders — ages 10 and 11 — have been arrested after police say they were caught conducting a marijuana deal at school.

Details were sketchy, but Warren Township spokesman Dennis Jarrett said a student told school officials he saw a classmate at Brookview Elementary sell a “marijuana-like substance” to another student Tuesday morning.

“We are getting to a state of emergency,” said the Rev. Byron Alston, director of Save the Youth, an Eastside social services program. “When you have elementary students selling dope in the school, we’ve got a serious problem.”

According to a police report, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department field technician later confirmed the substance was 1.88 grams of marijuana — enough for one or two joints.

The boys were arrested on juvenile charges of dealing and possessing marijuana and taken to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. Both were suspended, pending an investigation.

Their ages raised concern.

Source: IndyStar

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  1. alex

    what does the pic have to do with the story??

  2. Dopeboys

    the more dope the better who cares if there 10 yrs old or 40 yrs old the kids just tryn to help a buddy out or make some extra coin in his pocket who knows maybe he had a hot date and need needed the cash i know i wont judge him i give em props keep selln that stuff boys thats the only way the world is gonna get smoked and weed was made to be smoked and sold so i say do it someones gotta do why not the kids they cant go to jail that young try and over through the goverment boys props to you

  3. The boy who sold the dope

    Thank you man I didn’t have a hot date but I did have new shoes and extra walking cash at that age so I didn’t have to ask anybody for any thing

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