Women collapse in court after being sentenced to life

November 7th, 2011 by Staff

www.wistv.com – SUMMERVILLE, SC (WIS) – Two Summerville women fell to the courtroom floor Thursday after being sentenced to life in prison for the 2009 death of a 3-year-old girl.

Shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts were sentenced Thursday morning for the death of Serenity Richardson. When the verdict was read, Cunningham and Butts both sank to the floor amid emotional outcries by family members and had to be wheeled out of the room.
The two women were charged with homicide by child abuse after prosecutors said they whipped Richardson with a belt in November 2009 for urinating on the floor. EMTs found Richardson unresponsive at a house in the Lakes of Summerville subdivision, and took her to Summerville Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.
Medical staffers saw bruises and cuts all over the child’s chest, stomach, legs, arms, feet, back and head.
Attorneys said Butts had been caring for Richardson for about a month, and was a friend of Richardson’s mother. ”All I ask is that justice be served for her today,” Richardson’s mother told the judge on Thursday. “That she finally can seriously rest in peace, and then maybe, just maybe I can breathe a breath of fresh air.”
Cunningham pleaded guilty to the charge. Butts entered an Alford plea, meaning she does not admit guilt but does acknowledge that a trial would likely end in a guilty verdict.

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  1. For Real!

    Good!! Life bitch! LIIIIFFFFEEEEEEEE

  2. Terrie

    Lmao maybe you shouldn’t murder yo baybay?

  3. David

    Nailed it!

  4. David

    Oh, where the hell was that little dog at the end?

  5. Scott in Ft Myers

    Wait, so these two bitches can kill a 3yr old little baby and only get life? Where the hell is the death penalty here? How can they actually have the balls to scream “That’s my baby damn it!” after that woman MURDERED a 3yr old? Once again thank you Bubba for bring light to another twisted story, and the commentary on air on the show…I’m right there with you guys! You guys expose more filth and call it like I see it.



  6. chance

    i live like less than a mile from there and never heard a damn thing about any of this…rot in your cell bitches ROT IN YOUR CELL AND PRAY SOMEONE KILLS YOU BOTH FOR THE HORRENDOUS MURDER OF THAT POOR CHILD

  7. Meghan

    They should be GATOR BAIT!!! I know where there are some starving Gators…

  8. Tiffany

    These two f__king bitches make me sick! What did they expect?! I really think that they should be shot in their head! I would sleep better. What is the deal with their family members? Craaaazzzy! Hell, they need their asses kicked! Such a sad story, the hell that little girl must have endured. I do believe that they will both get their day. To bad that they don’t allow strap-ons in prison, cause all she will get put inside her is a broom stick. I hope they get tortured to their death! What a wonderful day that will be when I hear the news when those bitches are dead!

  9. Pissed off

    Great these two bitches get to live on our dime now. We will feed them, give them medical treatment and a roof over there head. How many Americans don’t have all of that. A bullet is less then 10 cents I know I can live with pulling the trigger I am sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to find others to do it with me.

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