Woman’s body found in freezer in Sun City Center

May 27th, 2011 by Staff

www.tbo.com – Carol Kingsbury went to a Sun City Center condominium on Tuesday to help her sister clean up and take inventory of a home whose owner had committed suicide.

Kingsbury’s sister, Ellen Miller, had befriended and taken care of the former homeowner, Allan Dunn, 86, who had told her he had no family or friends. Dunn shot himself in the home, 201 Kings Blvd., in August 2010 while Miller was in the next room.

Kingsbury began cleaning the home, including the bloodstains in the bedroom. When she got to the back porch, she saw a chest freezer and opened it.

Inside was a woman’s body.

“I didn’t believe it,” said Kingsbury, of Sun City Center. “I had to do a double take.”

“It’s upsetting; it isn’t something you plan on seeing,” she said.

The unidentified woman died in 2000 from natural causes and was 78 to 80 years old, according to a preliminary autopsy completed by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office. There appears to be no trauma to the body.

The woman is thought to be Dunn’s wife, who had health issues and died while she was with him, said Debbie Carter, a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman. The sheriff’s office hasn’t confirmed the name, but according to court records, Dunn was married to Margaret Dunn.

Allan Dunn was appointed her guardian in 1999 when she was declared incapacitated by a Hillsborough County judge, according to court records.

Investigators think he kept her body and didn’t report her death to claim monetary benefits he couldn’t receive if she were dead, Carter said.

The woman’s body was in good condition, Kingsbury said. She was wearing a diaper, but Kingsbury couldn’t remember whether she was dressed in a shirt.

“It has traumatized her,” Kingsbury said of her sister. “You are helping this person, and you find out that half the things he said weren’t true.”

Kingsbury, a licensed nurse who works for hospice, said Dunn met Miller about two years ago at a Sun City Center diner where she used to work. He was a regular and told her his story. She decided to help, Kingsbury said.

Miller would take him to the doctor, grocery store and keep him company while watching a movie or TV show at his home. Miller wasn’t paid to help, and she didn’t have a romantic relationship with Dunn, Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury said she had met him several times and never would have believed he had a secret life.

“He never gave any indication that he would do something like that,” Kingsbury said. “He didn’t like taxes. He complained about things like that.”

After Dunn committed suicide, Miller, of Ruskin, contacted a lawyer for help. The lawyer found that Dunn had a son and two daughters who lived out of state, Kingsbury said.

Through attorneys, the children signed a document giving Miller legal administration to perform an inventory of the home and sell the condominium and the car. The proceeds would be split among the three children and Miller, Kingsbury said.

It took 10 months to go through the court system. The agreement was finalized this month, and she was given keys to the one-bedroom, two-bath home, which had its electricity shut off in November, Kingsbury said.

Miller received permission from the courts this year to have him cremated, Kingsbury said.

Dunn was born in Canada and became a U.S. citizen, Kingsbury said. He bought the Sun City Center condominium with Margaret Dunn in 1994, according to court records. The condominium is in Kings Point.

Miller didn’t know anything about Dunn’s financial situation or have access to his financial records, Kingsbury said.

“Who knows what went through his mind,” Kingsbury said. “Did he want to keep his wife close by? Who knows? Did he not know how to cremate her? We don’t know.

“No one will ever know what his reasons were,” she said.

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  1. 666 XXX

    I like this quote about finding the dead body:
    “…it isn’t something you plan on seeing.”

    Oh and these two about the guy who killed himself::
    “Who knows what went through his mind.”
    “No one will ever know what his reasons were.”

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