Woman walking dachshunds attacked by pit bulls, police say

April 19th, 2011 by Staff

www2.tbo.com – A Lake Wales woman was seriously bitten this morning when she was attacked by two pit bulls while walking her two miniature dachshunds, the Lake Wales Police Department said.

Investigators said the attack happened after one of her two dogs ran toward her house, chased by a pit bull. The other dog stayed at her side and was bitten by a pit bull. Little bent down, picked it up to protect it and the pit bull went after her arm, investigators said.

Little was knocked down and the pit bull attacked her, biting her arms, legs, ankles and back, police said. Her right leg had 15 to 20 puncture wounds, said her husband, Charles Little.

Ashley David said she was driving by when she saw the attack. She parked her car and ran to help Little.

David waved her arms at the dog and yelled at it, but the pit bull didn’t stop its attack. David then started hitting the dog with her fists, punching the animal for what she estimated was 20 to 30 seconds before the pit bull backed off.

“I just hope someone would do that for me,” David said. “I didn’t think about it. I just kept trying to help her.”

Little, 46, was flown by emergency helicopter to Lakeland Regional Hospital. She suffered non-life threatening injuries. Her dogs weren’t injured.

Police said they don’t know how the pit bulls got out of the owner’s yard.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control took the two pit bulls. Animal control cited the dog owner but no criminal charges will be filed.

Charles Little said his wife is a piano teacher and player. Doctors told him she might have some numbness on her right hand. He’s hoping that it isn’t permanent and she can continue her career.

He’s grateful that the attack wasn’t worse and that she was helped.

“We were so grateful the dog didn’t get to her neck or her face,” Charles Little said.

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  1. stefanie

    I am a dog trainer at a national petstore chain. What I don’t understand is why do we only here reports of pitbulls attacking when there are so many other unreported attacks of dogs attacking. I recently met a little girl who had multiple wounds on her face and over 27 stitches the girl was probably about 7 years old. She was attacked by a 4 year old cur mix that had been adopted out by our local county humane society. The little girl was sleeping on the couch and the dog mauled her for no reason.
    This has not been the first incident in which the humane society has adopted out dogs knowing that they would not be a could dog for some one with children. Another family had adopted a collie mix and the dog had cornered the mother and child. I as a dog trainer am now offering free dog evaluations at our store. I belive that there are good dogs out there even pitts however people are stupid and that’s what cause’s dog to retaliate.

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