Woman robs Girl Scout selling cookies

January 25th, 2011 by Staff

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (CNN) — The sweet experience of selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time turned sour for a seven-year-old Florida girl. Her mother says a woman stole the day’s earnings almost $100.

It’s an annual tradition that goes way bac more than 80 years. Girl Scout troops selling their cookies and for 7-year-old Vanessa Bergeron, it’s her first time.

Sunday night they had the table set up in the shopping center just off PGA Boulevard and military trail when what seemed to be an ordinary sale went all wrong. Vanessa’s mom Missy says, “I went over to her car and I had the box of cookies like this and I was counting out the money. She took the money and was acting like she was going to go in her purse and she gassed the car and almost ran me over.”

In a flash, $92 was stolen. A woman in a maroon four door Honda drove off with the cash.

Missy says, “I would’ve given her a couple dollars out of my own money but to rob from two little girls like that you really have some issues.”

Missy called police immediately and filed a report. She says, “I’m sure there’s other troops out selling cookies too tonight so to be on the lookout for her and obviously this could happen during the day.”

While only our WPBF 25 News crew was there, the sour night suddenly turned sweet. Mike Davis said, “Here’s a $100.”

Vanessa says, “Are you serious? Thank you! Thank you very much.”

Mike Davis and his wife Hollis were walking by and just had to do something. Mike says, “We just thought it was so ridiculous that someone would come out here and do something like this to the Girl Scouts and we just felt it was the right thing to do.”

Missy says, “Wow I can’t believe he did that.” Vanessa adds, “See there are good people even though some do bad things.”

Police haven’t found the woman suspected in the robbery.

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