Woman Reveals Why She Called 911 Looking for Husband

June 15th, 2010 by

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Calls are supposed to be made to 911 for emergencies only, but an Alliance woman called looking for a husband.

Audrey Kay Scott is going through a divorce and trying to stay sober. She says the last five weeks have been rough. Last week when she moved into a new apartment, Audrey, who friends call Kay, decided to celebrate.

“I drank too much vodka and I got lonely and sad because all my friends are with my husband now and I have no family,” she said.

In a blurry state of mind, the lonely 57-year-old picked up her phone and dialed 911.

Her call to Alliance Police went like this.

Caller: “Get me that husband”

Dispatcher: “You need to get a husband?”

Caller: “Yes,”

Dispatcher: “You’re calling 911 to get a husband? Do you know you can get arrested for dialing 911?”

Caller: “Let’s do it.”

Dispatcher: “You want to get arrested for dialing 911?”

Caller: “Absolutely.”

Kay went on to even thank the dispatcher when she said she would send a police officer to her apartment. According to the police report, when the officer arrived to ask her what was wrong she replied, “I don’t know.”

Alliance police say Kay called five times. She was arrested for abusing the 911 system.

“The officer said you cannot abuse the system we have serious things to respond to and this is not one of them and he said you need to learn this lesson, so I went to prison and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world,” Kay said.

Kay admits she was drinking and says she was looking for her husband, not a love connection. She says she should have instead asked for the crisis hotline.

She spent three days in jail before appearing in court. The judge ordered her to attend alcoholics anonymous meetings, which she is attending daily.

Kay says she is sorry she called 911, but says her drunk dial ultimately pushed her toward the straight and narrow.

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